Our opinion on 1001 DVDs




1001dvds is a hardcore site with all the porn action you need. This is a site known for its refreshing content that is sure to keep you busy for hours. Hardcore action is a must on this site and you can find some great hardcore porn here, including rough anal sex, facials, cum blasts and more.



The layout of the site is built in such a way that you can easily navigate through it and pick a video you like the most. Nice big thumbnails will give you a nice preview of what is going on in the video. Listed in the video preview, there are the video duration and rating. When you enter the video you are given the options to favorite or rate them. As for the home page, it certainly has a good side in the fact that when you go through the videos, there are no commercials and certainly no unrelated content. The site is designed with simplicity in mind, and it doesn’t need fancy interfaces for its already non-complicated and non-cluttered design. The design makes the viewing experience even lighter, and you can quickly switch between the categories. Website’s colors, mostly consist of red and black. Since the design and layout are made simple, navigating through the website is also made easy with different search options and filters. The website is accessible from any mobile device without any limitations.


Girls & Content

Girls on this site are of various shapes and looks. I am not sure if there is a model collection here. I found just random girls getting fucked real heavy and real rough. Be sure that hardcore experience isn’t going to be lacking. Porn involves some backstory, but nothing big so you can jerk off without having to go through the unnecessary story. Action happens either in flats or outdoors. Little to no lesbian or other kinds of actions. Just plain hardcore fucking and anal activity. Girls on this site all appear to be amateurs that nonetheless do scenes like anal, rough, hardcore.

Videos on this site show at least 20 minutes of intense action. You can find videos on this site that seem to involve some work behind them. Usually, they have a setup when they are occurring in flats or an outdoor environment. They aren’t shot amateurish and it looks like it is done with some better equipment. Sets aren’t plain and the crew seems to know what they are doing. Now for the quality of the uploads on 1001dvds, you can find HD content that will surely get your heart pumping faster. Members can stream videos in the browser  via medium or large Flash players or download them as either MP4 and WMV files.

Membership plans are the plain recurring ones giving you some flexibility as about how you are going to choose. You can choose from the monthly or quarterly plan or the annual plan which is the cheapest package. For those who just want to test the depths,  you’re not forgotten. There is a 3-day trial which allows you to view all videos for a low price but for a limited time. Keep in mind those memberships are self-renewing. One thing worth mentioning is that members enjoy access to bonus sites under future the JavBucks program.



From all the things above, I think it is all right to say that the hardcore action on this site is top notch. Watch fiery girls get fucked hard in HD. Content is plenty so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t lack material to view for a long time to come. Memberships are standard, so you won’t be surprised with any hidden costs.

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