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Curiosity, identity crisis, moods swings, and arousal sexual excitement. These are some of the common factors when girls just have reached their premature years. These wonders are indeed inevitable particularly getting horny. This is the 18FirstSex porn site where naughtiness and curiousness collides. Can you blame them being horny? Well, lucky for you and me, we can see them in action with their most sophisticated and out of this world lustful moments. This site is where they let their sexual hormones run wild. This is going to be awesome so rev up your engine, sit back and enjoy the ride.



First, let us set aside the interface, graphics, and the navigation. We will concentrate on the girls for starters. I could say that these girls are exotic Europeans with innocent looking faces, bodies which are still developing, premature boobies and plane pubic hairs but, just like your average girl next door, they are longing for cocks and craving to have good sex with someone they barely know. I like the way the stare back at the camera. It is heart melting and my dick was fully erected right at this moment. I love the size and the shape of their boobs. Moreover, seeing such girls in ponytails while toying their pussies or inserting huge size dildos increases my libidos. You’ll find over than 50 episodes. The duration of each episode will vary depending on the actions and is about 20-30 minutes. Most of the scenes were taken from outdoors while some other fuck scenarios were taken from bedrooms. There will be lots of love making on the sofa, kitchen, bathroom and at the peak of the mountain. These episodes are available on streaming and download via windows media, MP4 and Flash.

While according to the content count provided by the network, they got 1,957 videos allocated to the other sites with their respected niches produced by the network. Going back to the site, it offers 51 galleries that have 180 pictures each. When I enter the member’s area, I see the latest updates from the site as the network updates the main page. I can say that the network is way too serious providing update scenes every other day. As a member, you will be granted accessing over than 20 exclusive bonus sites. Updates are frequent, 24/7 customer service, and the third party feeds. Now for the design, the site is presented like it is some girly diary. The font style is classy. Lots of pink colors which make you feel like you are reading a girl’s sex experience note together with pictures. The site promises that these slut fresh chicks will be fucked for the very first time in their life. To make it short, these girls are virgins but not for long.

The photos are already presented on the homepage where you can see some of the action. They are presented in thumbnails in different sizes and you can watch the entire episode once you click the link below the photos. The photos, however, could probably the downside of this particular site because of the fact that most of the photos range from below average up to the average quality photo. Unfortunately, the site is also not responsive which means you are going to have a difficult time accessing 18FirstSex using your mobile devices. But hell with these hitches, we are here to watch naughty girls in action as the dudes will penetrate their huge angry dicks to their virgin pussies.


Girls & Content

Each video comes with screen caps where you can enlarge the films in 1920×1080 pixels with no hassle over the quality. The site allows their members to rate the scenes based on a star rating system. Your rate will help the videos to increase their ranks. Moreover, you can add your comment regardless if it is good or bad by all means. The fuck episodes got their unique storylines and you can have the idea of the stuff which you are about to see thanks to the description. I decided to start up my venture to the most recent episode featuring the brunette hottie Natali and a guy name Bruno. Natali is still a virgin indeed and you can take my words from it as you look closer to her pussy. Bruno knows that he should not be harsh with this angel looking slut. So, he decided to make her body hot as he kisses the Natali’s neck, shoulder, boobs down to her pussy.

This could be one of the most sensational pussy licking I’ve ever seen since Bruno is obviously concern about Natali’s pussy. Natali feels the moment as Bruno makes sure that his tongue rubs the clits. I can see that Natali is smiling and bites her lips whenever she feels the tongue penetrates in her tight vulva. As soon as her pussy gets wet, then it’s time to have some dick penetration action. Bruno pounds her pussy as she screams and squeals so loud for pleasure. For huge hard cock penetration action, then you can’t go wrong with Gela and his dude. The guy looks like a rock star with a huge hard dick while Gela has a slender diminutive body and has a bee stung tits. She sucks his guy’s dick and the lucky dude will fuck her right on the kitchen’s table. Sooner, Gela bends over and this is where the anal action begins as the guy penetrate his dick into her tight ass nice smooth and easy.



On 18FirstSex, the girls will explore their sexuality as they will show to the whole world what they are made of and the naughtiness unleashed. Though the materials are great, the site has dropped the ball developing and improving the site itself. But all in all, I can say that what matters the most are the content though the design could make the difference.

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