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21naturals is a website that takes you back to the good ol’ days when you were learning the feel of love’s first touch. Exploring the lost paradise of your early sexy interactions, it shows you what your first crush would’ve felt like – her soft, perky tits and full ass just waiting for a good fuck. The grey, soft background with pink touches provides an elegant frame for gallery of HD thumbnails that let you choose your ideal scenario. The videos lure you in with hot women and suggestive descriptions such as “sweet” and “dream”. You always wanted to see a cute female explore her sexuality right in front of you and 21naturals lets you enjoy that view in a clear, ad-free and clean space. Beautiful, nude ladies play with themselves and you can replay every scene if you find that moan that sends you over the edge. Joining the website provides you with access to hundreds of videos of hardcore erotica that gives you a luxurious glimpse of the world of the rich and desirable. The website updates its content daily so not only do you get to choose from tons of videos that describe your perfect woman and her fun quirks (she can be cute, curious or shy just for you), you also get to do that daily with blonde, brunette and redhead beauties, depending on your preferences.

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The interface is user-friendly and it welcomes you with over 150 videos on the front page to choose from. The clear, detailed images feature an assortment of bodies with sleek, curvy or delicate figures ready to show what their lips and buttocks can do for your pleasure. Photos and videos feature sexy, excited females ready to explore the limits of sexuality by themselves or with a partner, and it’s all for you, as you get a first-row seat to take in all the fun. Each video has 12 more related videos underneath, in case you want to see more of the beautiful lady you just watched. Moreover, each related video is connected to a slightly related topic so you might jump from a timid beauty to a one that loves fucking in the daylight, to a lustful, confident lady ready to suck and lick a dick dry. The navigation is intuitive and the short, one-word video titles help you explore the website in a practical, timely manner. This way, you get the feel of every video from a clear image of the main star and the one word that defines what she likes or what you might like about her sexy style. The main attraction of the site is the simplicity, both in its design and videos, the main attraction being the girl’s assets – an assortment of bodacious tits and asses – instead of filling up the space with futile props and eye-stealing decor. The website is accessible on tablet or mobile if you find yourself away from home on a trip and want to see a friendly face ready to remind you that beautiful women are always there for you and keen to show you how much they love fucking in all positions and places. The niche is usually filled with amateur websites that show hurried, low-quality videos with inexperienced beginners but this website offers you professional models that have the patience and the grace to help you enjoy your fantasies with explicit erotica presented in a delicate, fulfilling way.

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The exclusive content this site provides ensures you will never stumble upon the same video, but at the same time allows you to follow your preferred model in various scenarios that range in a variety of themes connected to the celebration of beauty. Exploring all the pleasures the body has to offer, these voluptuous gals show their bodies from all sorts of angles for you to see all the breasts, asses and vaginas you want. Sometimes couples go at it while the camera records them in a beautiful garden, a fresh setting for a natural experience. Other couples prefer a cozy, holiday setting where they have the place all to themselves and they can have crazy, wild sex all over the house. The two lovers grasp and lick each other enjoying every inch of their bodies, kissing from head to toe, as the side provides an assortment of videos touching on special pleasures such as foot fetishes or facials. Other perks such as lingerie and perky tits are to be found if that’s what you prefer and mixed race ladies are touching themselves and playing with their partner’s hard cocks. The allure of the ladies comes from the appetite they have for sex and juicy dicks that come in and out of their mouths and pussies. Nothing makes them happier than licking a man’s shaft from top to bottom and then taking it all in until it fills them up and makes them cum. The light, spacious environment allows the camera to switch perspective to let you take in the raw sight of their naked bodies. Their partners truly enjoy fucking them good and penetrating their holes while cumming on their soft skin for their mutual pleasure. The minimal makeup and hairstyles ensure you have the best visual experience by focusing on the main attractions of the ladies and their beautiful features, showing instead all kinds of hot shots of pussies and titties. The camera angle changes frequently in order to provide you with a variety of perspectives on the scene but the close-ups are clear and beautifully done; you can see the lovely action that ensues during a hardcore anal experience or a juicy blowjob, where the lady’s lips massage the cock and their mouth works around it until the cum mixes in with their saliva as the tongue makes sure they swallow it all. The desiring girls are always ready to enjoy a throbbing dick as their lover penetrates them and lets them savor his body.


All in all, 21naturals allows people from all over the world to enjoy the beauty that shared passion has to offer in a softcore, fantasy land where all sorts of women with finger-licking bodies welcome you in their private sex life by showing all their body has to offer, their juices dripping as their skin sweats with excitement and curiosity. They love to explore the secrets of a spicy sex escapade either alone or with a partner and they do it all willingly and passionately in front of the camera. By joining the website, an array of sexy and sweet girles are showing you what their body is capable of and do it all just for you!

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