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Hips don’t lie, so do butts. Big round butts and a curvaceous bodies are always a turn on for many men. The round and enormous asses call the attention of horny men. They already know what you’ve got and what you can do. No doubt that all of us are bootyholics. Let’s have some super awesome bootylicious bonding tonight? Why not! This isn’t a secret at all but if you still haven’t knew this, here’s a little tip. It is indeed a paradise of the most amazing and beautiful butts you could see in your whole life. It has the perfect fit to the girls’ curves. Here it is, 40InchPlus – a unique pornstar site that has horny girls craving for enormous cocks.

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The website layout is a mix of flirtatious touch and well-organized content. The site navigation has never been this easy and smooth. The totally of the website is very good and if you would rate it, no doubt you can give it 5 stars without twice thinking. So, why does 40InchPlus seems so good? Dude, it is produced by the maker of the best porn site dominating the internet world and porn industry today, Reality Kings. There wouldn’t be any reason you’ll never love 40InchPlus. The porn network is a total package, that’s for sure!

Once you enter the site, there’s this intense sensual and pleasurable feeling that will make you want to stay longer and to keep going on watching more and more fetish videos. The hot photos will leave you staring. The sexual arousal is hard to contain so expect multiple orgasm blast. 40InchPlus showcases sophisticated and pretty women with real big bouncing asses behind them. Turn yourself on with 40 inch and plus butts hanging around some big cocks and ready to have a bang. The horny men want it all and are more aroused than ever that’s why they make these girls go wild until bot of them reach the peak of orgasm. Please don’t stop yourself from teasing your sexuality. It’s okay and it is the best partner-in-crime while watching 40InchPlus.

The site has over 70 high-quality videos and 70 sets of photos in high-resolution as well. There are categories you can use to categorize the videos. It also helps the viewers decide which video would they prefer. Members of the site can access more porn sites offering a different kind of porn content and theme. But all are guaranteed to be fun and enjoyable. Choose the membership plan of your taste. The plans may differ in the time span but all the features, contents and bonuses are given to both. For all your technical issues and billing concerns, seek assistance from the 24/7 Customer Support.

Girls & Content

Each video is in high definition. They run for about 30 minutes. Every bit of the scenes is heart-pounding. You can stream the videos in WMV, and they are downloadable also. Some videos are cut-up into selected clips focusing only on some of the hottest scenes on the full movie. But if you prefer to watch the full movie, you can download it also in WMV file format. There is a massive amount of hot sets of photos on the site. You can download each of them or the convenient zip file. Most of the scenes on 40InchPlus begin with the measurement of the beautiful round asses of the gorgeous girls.

Due to the sexy and horny atmosphere, it is followed by some real and fantastic hardcore sex, cum shots are overflowing on the juddering butts and there’s so much pleasure on everyone’s faces which is so contagious even when they are just on your screen. Some videos contain some threesomes which are of course sexually arousing. The hot models are revealing and fun. They exactly know how to get the business done, and to do it the right way. You won’t find any dull moments on 40InchPlus. If you know Reality Kings, you know that they’ve got the best pornstars. These girls can dominate you and you’ll fell in love with them unknowingly. Visit the site and see the sex goddess of the generation.


Erotic stimulation is best achieved when we see beautiful things, butts, asses or whatever you call it top notches the pleasing things that attract horny men. If you want to feel the fun and exciting sex adventure as well and to be pleased by all these round, beautiful and unforgettable bootylicious, 40InchPus is for you.

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