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Sometimes a pussy just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you just need the juice to be squeezed out of your dick. Sometimes, you just need an asshole. But not for these chicks, who can take a bucket-load of cum and a pile-driver of a dick and still crave for some more. 



The site is not for the weak-hearted to visit. The logo is as ominous as the pictures at the top of the page in which shafts of titanic proportions with bulging veins are penetrating gaping assholes. One looks at that and you’ll realize that nowhere else would you find a greater destruction of the human anatomy. Nowhere else would you find such plundering of the sweet asshole as that on the AnalDriveway. The theme of the website is fiery red in color with the front covered with pictures of video links. You can spot girls taking massive dicks with double penetration; their holes were torn but their faces betraying a desire for even more. Towards the left of the links are boxes which contain further links to explore the website such as “Free clips”,VideosandErotic Stories”.

Layout wise the website looks a little old school but it is still pretty easily navigable which makes up for the occasional lack of style. Flashy sign right in the beginning preaches to join AnalDriveway Now! Underneath the links on the left are listed the movies of the day with a few pictures illustrating the extremity of the anal act, mostly double-penetration. The movies at the front are accompanied by short erotic descriptions which are meant to arouse you and boy do they want you to plunder those inviting pussies as well. The video links are joined by links offering free trailers of the videos which are handy since you can take a quick glimpse of what is on offer before you decide on buying the subscription.


Girls & Content

The girls are pretty much all white and I personally couldn’t spot any Latina or Ebony. The video scenes do not rely too much on the foreplay which is a bummer but the intensity of the main action more than makes up for it. The cocks rattle the soft assholes of the blondes, brunettes and redheads alike. The prodigious dicks scream “No mercy!” at the gaping assholes and are rewarded in kind by the anal grip that juices their dicks to lethargy. The girls are brave and into it. Some of the scenes include showers of spunk from a multitude of cocks on the girl which is pretty interesting to watch if you are into that kind of a thing. The site offers 2-day trial, one month and 1 Year Memberships and you have the option to pay with your credit card. The membership extras include full access to their Bonus Network, 10,000+ Exclusive movies, 5000+ Bonus DVD’s and 20,000+ Bonus Clips with DVD quality downloads which are pretty awesome. The site includes 121+ exclusive Analdriveway movies and 159+ scenes. In terms of the quantity of content, AnalDriveway is one heck of a deal.



Simply put, if you are an anal lover, this is your recess. If you like your girls moaning with pleasure and if you want to see them dripping loads of your cum from their mouths and still want to go for more, then explore away at the wondrous heavens of AnalDriveway. These gaping assholes are just the sort of vent you need if you feel like watching hardcore porn.

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