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To enjoy sex, it is always advised, to begin with foreplay and as such, oral sex usually falls under this. In many porn clips, foreplay always involves pussy licking and cock sucking scenes. Well, Asian Hot Bunnies focuses on blowjobs, clit jobs, lesbian action, threesomes, gang bangs, fetish sex, bisexual scenes and more. Asian Hot Bunnies, in particular, takes blowjobs to a whole new level as it is all about throat fucking, face fucking, and gagging. I am a fan of blowjobs myself and every time a lady takes my dick in her mouth, I find myself going further and gagging her. Well, apparently, there are girls who enjoy this and this site features them rather well and there is also other raunchier videos to entertain you too.



Being a member of Asian Hot Bunnies, one is entitled to a very enticing package. The package has a really good deal as one is also able to access bonus sites with that one membership. That is a huge plus, especially when competing with the other sites that are in the market right now. Other than that, there are some little misgivings that put you down when you visit the site. The models are beautiful, but there lacks a model index to go together with their pictures. Furthermore, the site does not have any bio information listed about the girls. It is important to note that many porn lovers want to have a relationship with the models albeit a one-sided relationship and as such, are interested in learning more about these models. The content available on Asian Hot Bunnies is of good quality and pretty decent in my opinion. The site is simple to navigate in an efficient and easy manner. I did not encounter any problem when I went to the site.


Girls & Content

It is nice and laudable that the site has diversified in the appearance of the models on the site. There is no focus given to any particular model size or physical appearance. As such, the members can find all they desire under a single roof without the need for multiple accounts. Some of the models who due to lack of any bio information go by one name include Heidi, Jenifer, April, Jesse, Elektra, Kate, Lucy, Abby, Bethany, and Michelle. Wendy is one of my porn stars on this site. She is a brunette vixen with a killer body. She has a gorgeous pair of boobs and gives the best blowjobs. Taking the huge dick down her throat gets her horny and wet.

Asian Hot Bunnies holds around 273 plus downloadable videos. Fortunately, the quality is not that bad. Each video runs for approximately 30 minutes each. It is also nice to note that one can download multiple videos as there is no limitation to the number of videos that one can download at any particular time. Also, apart from downloading, one could also stream the videos live via an embedded flash player. It takes approximately 10 seconds to buffer and load which is pretty fast. Also, the site has some pretty images that can be viewed online.



Other than the fact that the site deals with rare content, it offers a lot and I am sure the site will keep you glued to your screens. There are 70 plus bonus sites that also gives you accessibility to more videos and images.

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