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You might have already inferred that the extras in the title point to the fact that it is all about assholes. You have plenty of nicely played out scenes featuring models and dudes in hardcore encounters. There are over 40 models dedicated to your entertainment and ultimate stimulation.

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The snow-white background hues reflect a real hospital environment. You have to give it to Assylum for creativity and innovation. The porn entertainment scene is increasingly competitive. Assylum has emerged with a unique type of porn entertainment with treatment therapies and all. You are provided with a variety of sex action reflected in categories. I could check out the content in such varieties as patients, stuff and lab room action. Users will love the creativity involved. The set up is attractive and impressive. I loved the scenes that feature a crafts item shop. The items are stuff that was supposedly used by other patients. This is the point I need to make a disclaimer, note that patients and treatment or even doctors and orderlies mentioned on Assylum, and in this review, by extension, should not be interpreted in the normal or conventional use of the terms. These are special uses of the words and titles to refer to self-proclaimed sex therapists. Well, the role play and simulation are perfectly executed.

The models look for expert advice and get it in steam sex action and titillating sensual shows. The video scenes come with commentary and plenty of background information. I also loved the scene descriptions and model information. I could easily connect with the performers in the various treatments on the platform. Users can stream and download videos as much as they wish. I could also check out the flicks in a variety of formats and specs. All the videos are exclusive and come in HD quality. Other great stuff includes vidcaps, a request page, performer comment page and a personal store.


Girls & Content

You are treated to a host of sexy and attractive models with features that pass perfectly for beauty pageant hotties. There is a wide range of sex entertainment provided on Assylum. There is a focus on asshole sex with numerous scenes featuring the cuties getting a decent ramming from hospital orderlies and therapists. If you are turned on by rather unusual sex action involving docs ant their patients or similar encounter that transcends the professional practice decorum, I think you will have great fun watching the content on Assylum. There is also a lot of BDSM sex action on display. You will be treated to a variety of screwing and slaving scenes in which the tender, sexy and submissive cuties are required to worship their mistresses and masters in goose-bump raising performances.

The videos are professionally done. You have a host of entertainment content presented in impressive fashion; with the cameras focused on the models. You have girls screwing with dudes in paired scenes but you also have a lot of group sex orgies that capture the cuties in a free for all sex adventure episodes that will stir your wildest imaginations. The models come on stage with a variety of sexually provocative stunts. Some are featured in naughty lingerie and bras that show more than they hide their busts. Assylum has over 78 videos. Each of the videos plays for an average of 60 minutes. The content can be viewed in MP4 and Flash Player format. Some of the latest flicks play at great bitrates of up to 5000k. The images are large enough. I viewed some of the pics and videos showing at 1280x720p.



Assylum is your asshole sex haven. You are provided with a lot more than just anal sex. The docs and the orderlies have a way of getting you in a napping mode. You are treated to many other fetishes that will leave you drooling and yearning for more.

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