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AVtits is a Japanese porn site that features adorable, sexy and attractive Japanese models in teaser stunts as they lay their strategies to get down with dudes in steamy sex encounters. The site has a strong bias for large boobs. Indeed, they showcase a wide range of slim Japanese models with juicy and attractive boobs that make the heads of the viewers to spin.

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The site is simply presented in a light grey hue that does not draw much attention, but that is a real decoy. There so much action below the surface. I loved their focus on providing users with user-friendly tools. I was never short of options to get to this site. There is an impressive trailer that I didn’t waste time before I boarded. These short flicks are real teasers that make you feel as though you are already in the main members’ area. There is a model index to help you select your favorite model too. The site offers exclusive content. I loved to watch the naughty Asian models in action for the first time. They exude a fresh appeal on the porn scene. The girls are real marvels of beauty with an assertive demeanor that made my mind keep racing and wondering whether I stood a chance of ever meeting one of them in a real life encounter. You are allowed to stream the videos on a range of devices including mobile phones. I loved the loading speed; as I could access the content at any time while at work on errands around town. Any opportunity I got was worth the adventure since it is easy to access the content. The Flash player on the site is also quite robust and versatile. The content is frequently updated too. I loved this aspect since I could sample new content with much ease every time I visited. I also loved the quality of the videos. They come crisp clear and uncensored. The fact that you get to access the content raw and uncensored was particularly exciting for me. Navigation on the site is a smooth flow. I could explore the alternative options and still get what I wanted in record time. There is the basic search tool that allows users to look for content; based on keywords. In fact, users have the option of viewing content via iPhone too. If you love a bonus on your subscription, you are in for a great time on this site because there are several bonus options for you. These sites complement the content on avtits. I loved the quality and type of flicks on Gang AV, Hey Milf, Ferame and Jan HD.

Girls & Content

The site has a major focus on models with large boobs and slender bodies. I loved the way the dudes are brought to orgasm by the girls as they suck their cocks deep into their throats. The models are sexy, assertive, attractive and spontaneous in their acts. Meet Sumire Matsu as she engages her mates in erotic thrills. The girl is highly sensual and spontaneous. I was made to experience an instant erection when I watched her squirt as she got into the deep of action. There is sufficient content to savor here. There are over 695 videos to sample on the site. Each of the flicks can play for an average of 20 minutes. The files are made in MP4 and Flash formats. If you love your still photos, check out over 635 galleries featuring 40 pics per set. All the photos are in high res.


There are lots of girls to check out on AVtits. They present their videos in HD and offer a couple of bonuses to explore. The constant updates are yet another attraction on this site. The list could go on and on.

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