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Today’s review is going to be somewhat of a treat for those of you with a penchant for girl porn, and even more of a treat for anyone who enjoys looking at a great quality anal fucking. This website features attractive and lovely chicks giving their tight assholes, and some of them are doing it for the first time.

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BangMyTeenAss has a very colorful background, which might be a little bit too much for some people. However, I see the point behind it, though. I mean, we are talking about a site about chicks, so it is supposed to be bright and cheery. The girls featured on BangMyTeenAss are all about 19 years old, so a bright and colorful background plays into the whole theme of the website. Members of BangMyTeenAss also get access to 14 bonus sites, which is a huge benefit, but frankly if you are looking for chicks doing anal sex, then you have already found everything you wanted with BangMyTeenAss, so no real need to look any further. Content is very well organized, so it is very easy to find a model you want or the most recent video, however I do have one comment about the way this site is organized, that honestly does not have that much to do with the division and the search menus or anything similar, but instead has everything to do with the models. Personally, I liked one of the girls on the site, so much so that I wanted to find her in other videos, but I could not because the girls only have the first name on the site. Maybe it is some contractual issue of exclusivity for the models? I don’t know.

Girls & Content

The collection of videos is not all that huge at the moment, but it is growing steadily, which is great because it shows improvement and interest to expand the site further in future. At the moment, there are about 90 or so videos on offer, each approximately 25 minutes long and picture galleries to go with the videos, although there seem to be fewer picture galleries than videos at the moment. Last time I checked, there were somewhere in the region of 75 or so picture galleries of around 100 images each. As you can probably imagine, given the niche of the site as well as the title and tagline, the models featured on this site are all lovely, slim, tight bodied girls, and if the site is, in fact, to be believed, then they are mostly anal newbies who really is a great turn on for a lot of people. The videos are all in great HD quality so regardless if you are streaming the videos or downloading them to watch later. It will not make a huge difference what you are going to watch them on because the resolution of the videos is good enough to look well on either a little or a large screen and virtually none of the quality will be lost. From what I could see from the website, most of the girls are white and lovely, so there is not a whole lot of ethnic diversity but honestly to me personally that is not a disadvantage, but I see how it could be for some people.


All in all, BangMyTeenAss is a great website because it satisfies a very popular niche so it is worth a try, especially if you have a definite preference for a sexy girl with tight bodies, flawless skin, and great anal scenes.

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