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Have the time of your life with the beasties on the BFFs site. Here you can find what every ardent male likes: two or more girls sharing the love for hot encounters between the sheets. What you have imagined and dreamed of is quite possible in the real world. These pages proliferate with 100% lascivious girls and amateurs, praiseworthy for their looks and capabilities. The videos they make are, simply put, for everyone.

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The BFFs design of the homepage is catching and essential. I loved the way everything is easily visible thanks to the black background. The menu tab is rich and offers shortcuts with various options like scenes, girls, top rated or my favorite, request a girl option. Go to the page of BFFs and find out by yourself why it’s my favorite key. The gallery that greets you at the very beginning has around 6000 photos, the photo gallery is especially nice to visit and snoop around. There are also the videos, positioned in a grid-like format and with visible screenshots. Those are usually 40 to 45 minutes long, but some sex tapes last over 60 minutes.

The overall quality of the material available is excellent and updating is regular and frequent. The possibility to have a trial period is a nice idea that will cost you only one buck. Other memberships consist of monthly and yearly payments. It is also important to know that billing is 100% anonymous and you can browse and purchase in total security. It is safe and private to join and if there are some problems, you can always turn to the 24/7 customer support. Those tech details may be boring, but a site must have everything coordinated to keep a client.


Girls & Content

The girls section of the site is an ideal place for a new member to meet the amateur girls. Tastefully assembled grid-like photos of the girls serve those that have difficulty choosing. There are photos of hot chicks, their characteristics, and their preferences. Furthermore, I can applaud for the videos made with care. Think just about the length of some videos, up to 60 minutes. Enough time to enjoy and get your pressing needs an outlet. I loved those videos that start from not so essential scenes for a porn movie. I like them because I like to be introduced to the story in a gentle, yet arousing way.

Not all of us are made to consume quickly our desires and cravings. The females fascinate me. The easygoing friendship between the girls goes from shopping together and gossiping, to the bedroom and it is something I can appreciate. I like to get my gratification from watching the girls play with each other. Seeing two or more girls on the bed, making out and sharing their lover is just too tempting. The major part of the girls featured are fresh and they have a fresh look of good girls that stands out in contrast with their slutty behavior. It is a major turn on and a top notch arousing factor for the next-door guy like me.



Everything in this world of porn seems far reached and stretches the imagination. Everything except the sites like BFFs where you can see real girls sharing more than just a lunch or a gossip together. Hotties that like to play around with their BFFs are the reason why this site has so many visitors. Becoming a member will guarantee you the possibility to enjoy the time alone with these pretty vixens. The disappointment is not an option here.

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