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Do you ever tire of the same old sex in all the porn videos you have watched so far? How about the same old girls, as well? Yeah, I was tired too, so I decided to go and search for my favorite girls out there, the ebony goddesses, as there is nothing like that black pussy that gets me going, every single time. So when I found Blacknextdoor, I was a really happy person, and you will see why just read on.

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As soon as you get to the front page, you are welcomed by a gigantic collage of images. The collage contains little photos of black beauties, all of them engaging in some sexual action, whether it is fucking, sucking, licking or masturbating, it was more than enough to get me going and stick me to my chair. The design of the site has a black note, no pun intended and has a lot of screenshots from the videos that you are available to preview on the home page with short captions which summarize them. The videos section is sorted nicely, according to a few criteria, popularity, rating or novelty of the video. The sorting allows for a quicker search, meaning less time is wasted on unimportant details, and more time invested into porn. The navigation is also there to help, giving you no lag whatsoever, and providing you with good optimization for mobile devices, which goes to show that they have invested a lot and it paid out, on more levels.

Girls & Content

As I’ve said, it paid out, and the thing that I enjoyed the most, was, of course, the girls themselves. They are so numerous that picking one would be impossible. That is why I roamed around the sites, looking at all sorts of videos. Given how this is an amateur site and that all of the ebony lovelies are amateurs, you can expect to see a lot of different girls in all sorts of action. The only thing that they have in common is that they are all hot, whether they are chubby, have big or small tits or are fitness models. They have curly hair, or not, and have all the different eye colors. I enjoyed a threesome video the most, with two ebony goddesses, one of them with green eyes, one with brown, both sucking on each other, licking their nipples, up until a white dude joined them for an interracial threesome. They sucked him off, got him hard enough and both rode his dick simultaneously. He proceeded to fuck one of them in the ass until she screamed from an orgasm. The other one got the same treatment, and it was not long after that they both were licking the cum from his vibrating dick, after an exploding orgasm. They swapped it and kissed, looking at the camera with a very happy and satisfied expression on their faces. The video quality was stunning, too, as they used a good camera. And I liked the image gallery, as well, as it has tons of pictures, in different resolutions, everything I love to watch when I grow tired of all the screaming.


Get hot and horny with black girls, and enjoy all the amateur videos and photos that are posted and updated daily. With a small, almost insignificant membership fee, you get to enjoy all the best dark skinned girls out there and watch them in all the juicy action they all so love to do. Amateur ebony girls at their best, and the site is very user-friendly, for I am a member myself, and I have not been disappointed, and neither will you be.

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