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Some girls may be short of height, but they make up for it in other aspects. The fact is, even if they are minuscule literally, but their tits and asses and pussies are big, no question they are still hot and sexy. The website is devoted to showing girls who may be short in height but can not outshine in sex. The girls here are not just fresh, but they are also loaded with so much cuteness. Who’s not going to fall in love with these cute ones with unusually big boobs and asses?

BustyPetite is a new production from the renowned Team Skeet Network and once again, their team of horny guys did not fail their followers. They can come up with a niche website that’s overloaded of cute yet hot dolls that anyone can play with, especially horny guys with a boner. The videos are in high definition and images have high resolution. The videos play for roughly 20-45 minutes without any commercials and advertisements. This website is also partnered with 21 other niche websites and the videos are uploaded on a daily basis. The videos are also downloadable, so no need to worry about missing these girls when there is no internet connection. You can keep them in your gadgets, readily available to give you the boner anytime you want.



When I look into the website, I could recall my debut. Why? Because the base color is pink. Most words are colored pink and basically, the website is embedded in pink. That gives a fresh feel to the viewers. The girls featured on the website are fresh, with big boobs, cute girls and the general look of the site is pretty much living up to it. The website’s layout is pretty typical. We’ve got the logo in the upper leftmost part of the screen along with their compelling tag line. That alone will give you a better idea of what you are about to see. The upper right corner is for your membership option. The viewer can be a subscriber of the website which can give them better access to our cute dolls.

It will also give them access to over 30,000 full HD videos. Videos are also downloadable and are compatible with your tablet, iPhone and Android phone. The main body of the website shows videos neatly arranged in rows and columns. They feature different things an amateur girl does when having sex. Upon clicking on any of the videos, these leads you to a registration page where one can get a membership. The niche for this website is quite a good one.


Girls & Content

The girls on this website may have issues with height. Their boobs are way too big for their body figures. Imagine a girl, which stands below 5 feet but has a boob size of 36D. Is it not amazing? Their boobs are bigger than their heads. And since they are fresh, their pussies are always tight. A hard dick can look so big when sliding in and out to their pussies. These girls have their boobs not proportionately attached to their undersized bodies, but it only adds a lot to their hotness. They may not always be the top favorites by porn lovers but they can also what a typical porn star can do.

A busty girl in the video “Big facial for this big titty” just had a guy cum on his face after she gave a mind blowing blowjob to him. Who says a short girl couldn’t do it. As a matter of fact, it could be very convenient for a shorter girl to do a blowjob. You could just imagine why. There also a wide range of videos to choose from. For fetish guys who get a boner when watching a girl playing with her tight pussy, don’t worry about not finding anything of that sort here. These girls also know how to pleasure themselves even without a cock. Though a hard cock is always the icing on the cake, these girls also enjoy having their time.

The video “Fit gym body has nice rack” shows a vain woman who feels she has the sexiest body in the world starting playing with her pussy in front of the camera. Guys that regularly go to the gym have the highest belief in themselves. They usually feel they have the best body to offer so why not flaunting it. The girl in the video feels that way. After working out, she’s oozing with so much confidence, so she started flaunting herself – exposing her big boobs, then started fingering herself. Then the juice started to come out of her nice pussy. Now, who’s not going to get a boner? In this website, anything can happen, it can be an episode with some sort of a story, like a horny teacher and a girl with a massive rack. Or it can be some reality style stuff where the guy even pays the dainty fame whore bitch to eat and ride his fat boner. Or it can be something more amateur like a busty sex freak filming herself while admiring her big boobs and her fresh but oh so hungry hole for her boyfriend.



This is an amazing website. There is also a strong message that the website wants to shout out to everyone. These girls may not have the height but they can be better in a lot of other ways. This may already sound like a cliche but we always hear “if you have it flaunt it”. These cute girls are living by that saying. If you have boobs sized 36D, flaunt it. Some girls still pay to get them. These sexy bitches just standing roughly 5 feet tall are packing just so much more cuteness, lust, and passion. Also, your boner can look just so humongous when you slide it into their narrow clits. In general, this website is fun to view. Another hot website but with an element of cuteness to it. I suggest to all the porn lovers to try and check this out.

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