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Buttman is a premier adult entertainment site that provides unlimited access to its exclusive anal porn videos and photos. The entire site is about anal porn with the occasional fetishes that may include the pussy. The best part about Buttman is that the girls on this site are so unbelievably gorgeous that just their images make me hard. It does not end there as they are well endowed with perfect skills and experience to take me to the moon and back without leaving the comfort of my seat.



Navigating around the site is a breeze for the members. Particularly, the addition of some tools has ensured that moving around the site is easy. For example, there is a category index where one is able to search for the sex scenes that one is well acquainted with. The site design is impeccable and professional. The only problem is the updates are reducing as the days go by. In fact, there could only be three to four updates per month which may hurt the site. Looking back, updates took place even thrice a week, but not today and yet the viewership keeps growing. The primary niche for the site and basically the only niche is butt action. It does not matter whether the girl is stuffing stuff in her asshole, other chicks stuffing stuff in other chick’s assholes, dudes stuffing their thick dicks in gorgeous girls or whatever.


Girls & Content

Here the girls are amazing, such loveliness that can be achieved from seeing a woman in her 20s engaging in anal scenes with a cougar or a MILF is breathtaking, to say the least. Amateurs and porn stars alike, natural boobs and silicon jugs, unedited gonzo, latex attire, tattoos, high heels, an unbelievable array of dildos and vibrators providing unquenchable pleasure to both the giver and the receiver largely characterize the girls on the site. Damn, I think I need a minute to collect myself.  With over 800 scenes culled from an unimaginable number of DVDs, the ass fetish and desire of any individual is fully taken care of.

Without an emphasis on a particular brand of porn or particular girls in the porn, the site has been able to fulfill the desires of everyone who is akin to butt action and gets satisfied by butt action. The video scenes on the site are nicely done with indexes showing the 15 screen shots. The shots can be downloaded simply with a single-click. Considering that most of the videos in Buttman are cut from DVDs, the site has the date it was shot as well as the title of the DVD from where it was culled. Take your affection of the ass to Buttman and your anal fantasies will well be covered. With movies as far back as 2000, yes, that far back, you know that you cannot finish all the videos in the site even in your lifetime. But why not give it a go, it won’t hurt.



Buttman holds scenes and videos that will bring every porn lover, especially those who enjoy entertaining fetish hardcore action. The site intros that promised a heavenly time lived up to their billing and navigating the site was a breeze. However, more updates are needed as the last time I was here when the site was updated was three years. Anyway, the future looks bright and be sure that you still have me as a customer and life member.

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