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Many people love porn, love watching it and re-enacting it with their partners at home. But best of all, most porn lovers love to chat and watch live porn with the potential porn stars at the comfort of their homes. Well, Camster, as the name suggests, is an adult webcam streaming service where lovely women and couples from the world over converge to share intimate sexy goings on while you watch and enjoy. Having to tell any girl from anywhere in the world what you want her to do at the comfort of your home is a pretty awesome feeling and Camster sure makes this feeling happen. Watching a Latino angel and her friend doing lovely things was such a turn on for me; I didn’t take long to spill all my juices on the computer screen and keyboard (sic).

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The members of Camster have a package to die for. Not only are the members able to access the site, but they can also further choose what they desire most from a functioning search engine. Also, the homepage has a category/niche list on the right that makes it even easier to pinpoint what you are looking for in a much simpler way thus saving time and money for you. The site looks flat and the colors on the background, as well as the font, are not as inviting as the girls who grace them but don’t be disappointed by this because attractive quality stuff is found deeper at each girl’s video. Camster values the opinion of its members that’s why they have an internal rating system that allows users to rate their experience, o that they can be sure to provide you the best cam girl possible.


Girls & Content

It is admirable how the site does not concentrate on a particular niche in the size, model appearance or actual appearance of the models. As such, the members do not need many accounts to be able to enrich his viewing and satisfy his sexual needs and desires as all these can be well taken care of under one roof. Some of the models on the site include Kendra She male, Caress the Peach, Key Diamond, Scarlett Love, Andy Rose just but to mention a few of the girls that total up to about 26000 in number. The model that caught my attention was a girl who went by the username Alybibi. She is a brunette Latin girl who is just gorgeous. She has a gorgeous ass round and tight with nice round boobs. A girl I would do anything to have even a single night with. She spoke Spanish and a bit of English with the sweetest sexiest accent ever. She got naked for me and went on to play with herself. For some reason, she said she felt free to me, I will want to believe that but what a horny idiot wouldn’t believe anyway considering she agreed to go to a private chat for my sake. We got naked and did all we could do have fun together. It was a memorable night. I jerked all that had accumulated for some weeks and woke up in the morning feeling rejuvenated.



Camster is a pretty awesome site to tour. A plus is that you are bound to always find at least 40 girls online which a commendable thing for such a site is. I recommend the site and from my experience, I would say every penny spent has been worthwhile.

In the last period the website seems to have been updated less frequently, so maybe it would be better to check this similar one as well: I’mLive

If you want to try it anyway, this is the link: Camster

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