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Canadianpartygirls is a reality based experience which features a travel across Canada, with a team that comprises of its hot host, assistant and camera and production crew, as they travel across the country’s hottest nightclubs, sexy parties, and wild parties. The site which features hot, sexy porn celebrities in the Canadian ecosystem showcases something new and rare in the porn industry as this is a creative initiative. The tours across the country don’t necessarily end well as it usually leads to sexy action, and lots of other events tied to the tour across the country. The site also features the traditional hardcore pornography, and the site can boast of 3,500 videos of HD clear and sound porn contents. The site is a creative initiative and it really is an engaging endeavor. Canadianpartgirls is far from an amateur site as the content on the website is HD, curated by the CanadianPartyGirls team. The videos on the site are in high ally definition and it features beautiful and gorgeous models and porn stars as they travel round the country to search for the hottest night clubs and wild parties. Although they did a self-shot submission campaign where girls were ask to submit pictures they took of themselves revealing their assets. And which there will be a winner, but other content on the site were all curated by team. It is a 100% HD with top most quality in the picture quality of the site. The content of the site is of great quality and it has no unwanted pop-up ads, the content quality of the site is simply top-notch. Signing up to Canadianpartygirls comes with a lot of benefits which includes: live action cams shows that deliver a tailored personalized treat for members of the site, also members get varying access to materials on the site depending on the package a member signed up for. These benefits include pictures libraries, video content and other unique well-tailored packages that are rare in the porn industry. They also have other packages such as the bedroom and solo scenes, contest draws; the videos come in varying number of scenes and HD picture quality of the videos present on the website. The ladies on the website are so hot, it makes everything to sync on the website; hot woman, sleek and clean website. It is really disappointing to find out that a website like Canadianpartygirls have not won an award, judging from what is obtainable from the website. Porn sites usually put up any award or accomplishment they have achieved on their platform, to remind visitors of their credibility and accomplishment, but not all websites indulge in this form of self-marketing.

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This has to be one of the very best porn websites out there, absolutely brilliant; the user interface is so highly intuitive, the website which must have been built from the ground up to give a unique backend to manage the high quality of content on the site. The friendly user-interface is highly responsive, it has everything a world-class website should have; a well-arranged category are neatly outlined on the site, the site handles payment, it has a link that connects to a live stream of their tour and it handles a ton of high definition content. The technical makeup of this site will be astonishing as it works across all the available devices and connects to all the necessary social media accounts and videos on the site plays automatically at this moment creating engagement with their visitors once they come to the site, at this moment reducing bounce-back rates and keeping users on the site much longer. The design of the website is unbelievably ingenious, with a unique background with displays half naked seductresses in the sheets looking sexy as ever, and then the white theme of the entire website which is also very impressive. The content on the website displays a finicky approach to details as every item on the website was well laid out and in appropriate colours too. The different tabs and segments of the website show are the contrasting and artistic display of the content. The design and the web development team did an outstanding job. There are only a few promotional videos on the website that can be accessed without a membership plan, however; most of the videos on the site are reserved for members of the site only. The streaming speed of the videos on the website is very fast, as watching one of the promotional videos took little to no time to buffer. The site has an enormous rich photo gallery of pictures of the sexy models as they indulge in sexy things that they do for a living. The site has an advanced search option which aids in selecting the content of choice with much speed and efficiency. The site has a very responsive mobile version with optimized speed for both tablets and mobile phones, and the content can be accessed from all multimedia devices, from game consoles to the different mobile devices and computers. The concept of Canadianpartygirls is unique and quite novel, which is a porn reality show; it is very exciting and adds spice and more content to the porn storyline. But the main focal point of the endeavor is the porn part which is its niche. They feature lesbian’s sex and also straight sex. This niche is pretty saturated with new entries made regularly. But the website is so highly competitive and ingenious that qualifies as a leading porn website as against the world leaders which is brazzer and the likes.

Girls & Content

The girls are highly attractive and beautiful; Kayla, which is one of the pornstars has pink hair and face piercing. The girls are professionals, far from the amateur league in the promotional videos; the girls are seen having so much fun like professionals do while doing what they love. With over 3500 HD video clips this site is ready to hit the market running. Video titles are not seen and cannot be fully described due to membership restriction. But the site is well covered and maintained by the team.


This is the best site I have ever reviewed, It has top-quality girls, top quality website, top quality design and colour theme and the content is really king. As the site has one of the best content and management strategies I have seen hitherto. I will join the site in a heart beat.

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