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The ChatRevenge is all about cute amateurs showing their body for the camera, and they meant to send it to their boyfriend, or boyfriend-to-be. However, men can’t be trusted, and seems that those pigs have been updated those photos to different sites, and that’s how the ChatRevenge gets its material. At least that’s what the site claims. Well, the truth is that you can find here some genuine photos, but their origin is unsure, and there are too much too sexy girls on them to offer amateur-only shots. And we also know that it’s not fully lawful to took pictures and publish them without the consent of the girls on them. But, the site is loyal to its promise and offers some unique stuff. Also, there are videos here too, so not just nude pictures but a lot of gorgeous girl’s sexually explicit videos are waiting for you. The ChatRevenge is a new website – it’s only two years old. Since 2014, there were only a few update occasions, but they add the content in batches, so you get a lot of hotness to enjoy when you are a member.

There are currently over 5,000 videos and 8,600+ photo galleries, so it’s quite a large compilation for you to enjoy. This also makes the batch updates better, because you don’t have to worry about running out of content between each update occasion. Also, if you join the site, you get a handful of extras. Before we explain the bonuses, there is one important thing you have to know: the content of the site is not exclusive. It’s imperative that you keep this in mind, because you may have seen some of the content on other sites, and that’s because there is some real amateur content, which is usually freely up-loadable by their owners. This is the nature of GF-themed content. Now, back to the extras: you get a network access to the sites of the TheGFNetwork. This grants you an additional 15,000 porn videos, featuring mostly amateurs in homemade or reality porn action, and an extra 8,000 plus photo sets. There is also a large DVD archive to browse, with over 5,000 titles listed. You may appreciate the live cam feeds too, which you get access to.



Well, the home page of the site is the usual girlfriend-themed site template: large, over-photoshopped thumbnails listed throughout the home page, with no actual preview videos for you to watch. But, this is what we expected, because the TheGFNetwork sites are not overcomplicated, and they claim big and show lots of nice girls and nice tits on their tour pages. If you look on the site as a newcomer, or as a seeker of home-made porn and cute girls, then it’s quite sure that you will feel convinced about this tour, so let’s assume this, and move forward, right into the members’ area, which is a way to simple for our taste. When we entered the members’ zone the first time, we though it’s going to be a quick review, but then we realized that the template the site uses is a regular one, and it has a lot of good features. We’ve seen this before, and we loved it. There is a menu on the top of the page, where the eager members can reach the content of the site. Also, these members have the option to enter keywords.

From the top menu, you can browse the extra content, and that’s probably the most important feature. On the left of the page, they placed another menu which also has links to the site’s content and the extras, and a bit lower you can see the TheGFNetwork sites listed. That’s it for navigation, let’s take a look at the videos. There are only SD videos, and their overall quality is quite inconsistent. You may find some exceptionally nice scenes with higher-end SD (over 480p resolution), and those are the ones coming from reality-porn studios. The flicks with lesser resolutions are the ones which you can take as genuine home-made pieces. You can save every flick in MP4 format, but also the in-browser playing is a good option. The photo galleries are well worth browsing through, and if you like one, you should save it.


Girls & Content

As you may expect from a girlfriend-themed website, the ChatRevenge has a lot of cute girls for you to watch. The majority of them are gorgeous Caucasians, only a few ethnic chicks appear – but don’t worry, you can find a lot of ethnics on the different dedicated sites of the network. The girls are sexy, cute, and they all have natural “equipment”. Most of them look happy, and though they usually go through some hard drilling by their boyfriend, they are not losing their fine smile. What you can see in these scenes is what you were expecting: the girls get banged hard, and in a few cases they play lesbians. The straight videos are either POV, or shot from a fixed angle, and we are quite sure that you will love to watch them. Also, the lesbian flicks are exciting, and there are some girl-POV too, so it’s even better. If you enjoy solo action, you will be glad to know that there are many of those too, and some seem to professionally perform archived cam shows. Here are few examples of the covered niches: anal, lesbian, interracial, insertions (including anal insertion).



The ChatRevenge is a good website. You will find here the non-exclusive porn videos of really hot chicks, who get fucked, masturbate or do some sexy lesbian action with their girlfriends. Amateur porn never gets old, and there is always some new content appearing on the web, and with nowadays’ technology the quality increases a lot. Don’t forget to join up, check the included sites, and if you would change the porn you watch for more professional, go to the DVD section and enjoy some good hardcore.

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