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ClubSweethearts is a top amateur porn site by Sandy Wenderhold from the Netherlands have made a name for itself in this amazing niche. The models featured on ClubSweethearts are among the hottest you will find on earth. Rather than featuring pornstars in the scenes and videos, ClubSweethearts have opted to choose the sexiest amateur chicks from Holland and provides you with exquisite porn videos that are difficult to be replicated. From fresh amateurs appearing in their first porn video to relatively experienced hotties, ClubSweethearts has it all to give you a great jerk-off time.

Amateurs, especially the horny and kinky ones, are very wild in uncontrolled sexual acts, and there is ample proof of this across many porn sites. Check out wild orgies and sex parties organized in various frat houses across the world, and you will realize what we are talking about. However, with ClubSweethearts, you find that there is something very attractive about the entire site, the girls featured, the videos created and above all, the design of its site. These elements of the site combine wonderfully, to create an aesthetic masterpiece, which you will want to visit whenever you want to jerk-off or get intimate with your partner. This review is geared up to help you understand these elements to the hilt, and at the end of reading this review, you will be desperate to subscribe, and jerk-off to immense satisfaction.


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ClubSweethearts features a slick homepage, with numerous thumbnails and pictures that represent a sample of what to expect on the site. From sexy sluts getting fucked indoors to sluts getting kinky outdoors, from auditioning to masturbating outdoors, the tour page is sufficiently sizzling hot to get you a throbbing cock. You will be desperate to see the rest of the site, which includes DVDs and live cam girls, apart from knowing more about these exclusive Dutch chicks at your disposal.

A scrolling slideshow is the first thing you notice, as it attracts your attention when you enter the site. The slideshow offers you the stats of ClubSweethearts, which includes 5400+ videos, 9200+ photosets and over 3400 models. With over 500 amateur sex DVDs, no wonder, this exclusive amateur porn site was rated the best porn site in the amateur niche in 2017. One of the best features of ClubSweethearts is that it is regularly updated, and there are over 24 updates every week.

A welcome note by Sandy Wenderhold sets the tone for the rest of the site. Below the welcome note, there are various subsections, each dedicated to one aspect of the porn content. Thus, you have a subsection for videos, a subsection for the live cam girls, a subsection for the models of ClubSweethearts, the final subsection for the DVDs. All thumbnails, whether it is the videos, the live cam girls, models’ pictures or the DVDs, are arranged in a grid format. This allows for easy navigation and searching, especially in the absence of a dedicated search tool. To help you in a more positive way, there are links to the photos, videos, live cam girls and models’ and DVDs pages at the top of the site.

The video thumbnails provide you with a caption, with the date of adding the video above the thumbnail. The videos are available for you in HD resolution and you must become a member to watch the videos. ClubSweetheart’s live cam site is named SeventeenLiveCam, which comes to you for free on subscribing to the site. You can explore more about the girls after logging in. We shall describe more about the girls, DVDs, and the videos in the next section on Girls and Videos.

Before we proceed to the next section, let us check out the membership plans on offer, for you cannot enjoy this exclusive amateur porn site without the membership. There is a free one-day membership plan that you can use to explore this site thoroughly before taking a final decision. Additional membership plans include a recurring monthly and a recurring quarterly plan. The non-recurring annual plan is best for it provides you with a huge 60% discount over the monthly plan.


Girls & Content

The most interesting section is here. The girls and videos that we will cover in this section are sure to get your tongues wagging and dicks saluting. A massive archive of thousands of videos, pictures, and amateurs show some of the hottest sex scenes from our day-to-day lives. The sex is natural and genuine, and though some of them may be scripted, you wouldn’t be able to make out so. All action starts off in an easy manner, over a casual drink, or a card or board game. This then leads to an intimate kissing session, which is then followed by a round of crazy sex, with oral sex, anal, pussy, and creampies and cum shots adorning the climax.

The chicks are sex angels and goddesses when they are roaming around their homes, naked, and showing off the awesome stuff their bodies are made of. They love sucking cocks, use toys in their cunts and asses, and, of course, get fucked hard. The guys too are well endowed and are truly horny to fuck sexy amateur sluts like these. The high-quality videos will truly leave you in a state of trance, mesmerized and dazed after an insane ejaculation session. Check out a scene. It would make you go wild, for sure. This video is captioned, “Delightful black pearl fucked by white cock,” and features ebony slut Luna Curazon. Uploaded on 4th September 2017, this exclusive interracial porn site is shot outdoors, and includes Luna giving a blowjob, and getting fucked hard in all her holes, while she ends up taking a warm cum facial from the big white cock. These are the kinds of exclusive scenes you get to see on ClubSweethearts.



ClubSweethearts is a superb site to subscribe to, and we aren’t taking through the air. The themes are unique and the sluts and studs have a lot of fun while playing and having sex. If you are keen to enjoy the hottest amateur porn, then subscribe to ClubSweethearts at the earliest. ClubSweethearts, created and maintained by Sandy Wenderhold, brings is also affordable, offering you free access to 8 porn sites in the network.

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