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There is something liberating about being an amateur, isn’t it? They are known for their frat parties and all the crazy things they try. The parties begin just like any other one only to explode into something you never imagined. Guys and girls begin to lose their inhibitions and clothes start coming off. Before you know it, you are surrounded by a sea of half naked amateur girls who are as horny as they come, and ready to try anything you desire. Such amateur girls can get so adventurous that they make you ejaculate in no time at all. They can experiment with the craziest ideas you can think of. Some websites claim to offer this genre of amateur porn without success. This is because the clips they feature are ordinary and boring, featuring inexperienced models. Such clips will never bring the kind of following and visitors they desire since, the volume of visitors and followers a site can gather depends solely on the quality of content it offers.

CollegeFuckParties is a website which is part of the WTFBucks network. If you watch porn regularly then you will know that the network has been around for a long time. They are known to provide content so brilliant, that you will be unable to get off their website. Since CollegeFuckParties is a part of this network you can be sure that, the site will definitely not disappoint you. The site is based on Russian amateur girls and guys getting their private parts in places that will astound you. The women on CollegeFuckParties are some of the most beautiful and hottest women in the entire world. And to watch them get in on with some really hardcore sex orgies with multitude of crazy sex toys is something you have to really watch and experience. I’m sure that your cock will never want anything more in its life ever again. You will be so turned on that you will join the site. Before you do that, read this informative review of the premium quality site. The review will get you informed about the potentials, which accrue from watching the right porn. It will show you the benefits you stand to gain from the design, layout and content features of the site.

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There are some things in life that should be left simple. Porn sites are one of such things. Most people tend to go overboard with unnecessary details and designs and forget to focus on the content layout of the webpage. Websites should be uncluttered and nonfussy. This website does all of this and more well. CollegeFuckParties’ color scheme is one of its most outstanding features. The background color of the website is simple. It is light gray on the left and right with plan white on which all the contents are placed. The interface is very user-friendly. Navigational buttons and a search function field are properly laid out at the top of the page. Below the strip which contains them is the field for the newly added videos.

All the porn video clips offered by the site are arranged in grid format as thumbnails for easy navigation. When you click on any thumbnail, you are taken to a page specifically dedicated to that video. In the grid arrangement, in addition to the videos category, there are category fields for the most popular models and amateur porn video categories. This is to help you quickly find whatever you are looking for. The design and layout of the site are quite simple yet exquisite and fantastic. It makes the site’s content stand out and come alive. There are a vast number of videos for you to watch on CollegeFuckParties, precisely over 2200 videos.

Roughly about half of them are in full high definition, while the others, though, not in full HD, are still in very good video quality. The DVD quality, which they come with, makes them seem so real that you will want to join. The clarity with which you see the clips certainly will get your cock rock hard. The videos have intense content with an average running time of about 180 minutes. You can download them as either MP4 or AVI files with the resolution of 1280 x 720 @ 3829kbps. If you don’t want to download, then you can stream the videos online on the flash player that is embedded on the website. The videos are compatible with multiple devices. So, you can watch the videos either on your phone, your iPad or desktop!


Girls & Content

CollegeFuckParties offers some of the hottest, sexiest and most amazing girls you will ever see in the world of amateur porn. They really live by the saying that, the more the merrier throughout their lives. All of the models on the network are Russian amateur girls who hold no inhibitions at all. They love to fuck anywhere and literally anyone they can get their hands on. They are all real amateur girls who just love getting their pussies and asses stuffed with cocks. They are the hottest sluts you have ever seen. They are tall, with beautiful features and bodies so lithe and fit, that they are worth dying for. They have the perkiest boobs and perfect asses so round you would want to bury your face in them. In all the clips featured on the site, you’ll see them riding and moaning away as they straddle the frat boys and make them cum. There are plenty of cream pies, cum facials, threesomes, lots of girl on girl action and even only girl orgies. The site literally has every imaginable sex orgy you could possibly be searching for. There is a lot to explore on the site.



The site is as raunchy and hot as you could possibly want it to be. CollegeFuckParties really knows how to throw the craziest parties and give kinky fun. Low subscription fees, access to the entire WTFBucks and numerous other benefits are sufficient for you to be attracted to the site. So, what are you waiting for? Get your subscription and join the party!

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