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CollegeRules. Does this name ring a bell? Maybe, maybe not, but the first word rings a bell. Formative years are the time of your life when you are eager to fuck sluts and engage in sex whenever you want to. It is also the time when you innovate your sex games. How many times have you used innovative games to fuck your sluts? Instead of playing a game like truth or dare, you played Truth or Fuck! Or engaged in Spin the Bottle leading to orgy sex? That’s the innovation I was talking about. You seem to have gone back to that era when you engaged in such stuff and today, CollegeRules has given you an opportunity to reminisce those golden days. To help you subscribe to this site, we have prepared this review for your perusal. Read it at your will and enjoy your jerkoff sessions for the rest of your lives.

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If videos in a site are innovative, you would expect the site to have a very innovative design. But this site has a very simple design. When something is innovative, it has a very simple design, and that’s what CollegeRules has done. Having adopted a very simple design, the site has a sober color. Let us begin from the top of the site. CollegeRules is seen written in chalk on a blackboard. The whole concept of being in your formative years comes to the fore when you see this logo on the left corner of this site. On the right corner, you will find Member Login and Join Now links. Below the links, there are three tabs, one for Latest videos, one for most Popular videos and another tab for Joining the site. Below the black header section, there is a grey background. Believe me, grey is a very sober colour and gives a very pleasant feeling when you see the site. The videos loaded on this background are seen very conspicuously. With no boundaries for the videos, they blend together well with the background. You will find a title for the video, its duration,

The videos loaded on this background are seen very conspicuously. With no boundaries for the videos, they blend together well with the background. You will find a title for the video, its duration, the number of views and the star rating for the same. You will be both happy and surprised to know that the videos on this site, in the latest and popular selections, have five-star rating. I liked this, because it tells that the members who viewed these videos have liked them and hence, given five-star ratings. It is rare to find such a site. The site has regular updates, daily and you can enjoy new porn videos at your convenience. There are 80 popular videos and 64 latest videos at your disposal for the time being. But as a registered member, you have access to umpteen HD quality videos, so that you have no not to enjoy this site. Having explained the design and features, let us now turn our attention to the sluts and videos.


Girls & Content

CollegeRules is full of nasty and dirty girls. You may not believe me, but this is the truth. Since the videos are submitted by the members of the site, especially a male user, the focus has been on the female only, and hence, this site is littered with the sexiest sluts. These girls are the owners of the most amazing assets. When I mean assets, I include everything about the chicks, their boobs, nipples, complexion, navel, curves around the waist, pussy, shapely legs, asses, cunts and assholes.
Except for a few sluts, I found all the bitches on this site possessing clean-shaven pussies. Their cunts are juicy, full of energy to eat hungry cocks and swallow warm cum. Eating the juicy cunt will want the slut to squirt hard. They also like to take a dildo or a vibrator into their cunts and as they are fucked with the dildos, they scream wildly, wanting the dildo to fuck her harder and for a long time.

The lips of these sirens are sexy. When the lips applied with lipstick suck a hot cock, it makes for very sensuous and erotic viewing. The navels are exquisite with many of the sporting a pierced navel as their body art. Pierced navels on a naked body look very exciting and would want a guy to kiss the navel and play with the jewelry. The asses are perfectly maintained, soft and round. You should check out those asses. Fucking the assholes will be a pleasure you will never want to miss. The soft flesh of the ass cheeks makes a great cushion when you have anal sex with her. And finally, their boobs. Each slut has well-sculpted boobs and they have no hesitation in showing the world what they have. They love having their boobs groped and fondled, by experienced hands, including those of hunks and other sluts. Fondling the boobs makes their nipples go crazy and erect, inviting hungry mouths to feast on them.

I started with innovation as a feature of this site, and the best way to describe its innovation is by explaining a video. Who’s Sucking My Cock is a game involving a stud, naked from the bottom. His face is covered with a cardboard box, and so, he can’t see anything around. There are about five to six sirens who take turns to play with his cock. The game is they will suck the cock and the guy should identify the name of the slut sucking it. An interesting game, considering how sexy it is. How I wished to stand out there and have those sirens suck my cock! If I am not mistaken, it means I have been a sex maniac. But I don’t care, as far as my cock is sucked by these sexy sluts.



Interesting site, isn’t it? It shows realistic porn, featuring amateurs and has innovative sex games. Having spent the final stages of your formative years indulging in such activities, didn’t you like such games? Weren’t they your favorite games, in the weekend parties or sex orgies you were a part of? Yes, I know you loved these, and watching this site will bring back these memories, rushing to make you nostalgic. Finally, before I close this review, let me highlight its affordability. The moment of truth has arrived, and the site gives you a huge discount of 75% if you opt for the annual membership plan as against the monthly plan. If you are still skeptical, you register for the one-day trial membership plan and then sign up for the annual plan. So, don’t miss it and sign up now!

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