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Our Opinion on Cum Bang


Cum Bang is a highly specialized niche site with specially targeted content so right off the bat, if you are not a fan of this style of porn, we are telling you now that you will not like Cum Bang, however, if the content that this website has to offer is to your liking, we guarantee that it will become an instant favorite!

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The Cum Bang website has a very basic theme, but as is usually the case, beauty and utility come from simplicity so the basic design and layout of the website is a definite advantage because it makes it remarkably easy to use even for the most inexperienced internet user, whether they are viewing the website off of a desktop computer or a mobile device. The website background is basic black, which make the thumbnail images stand out with amazing clarity and great contrast with the background. The images jump off of the screen and amaze with their crispness and vivid colors.

Cum Bang also comes in a mobile version which means that the entire site translates flawlessly onto the little screens of smartphones and tablets but the thumbnail images keep their clarity and great resolution regardless, making for a flawless mobile experience. There are two main differences between the desktop and mobile versions of the site, however, neither of which are either an advantage or disadvantage in the favor of one or the other. First of all, on the desktop version of the site, you first need age verification to be allowed to enter the site, after which you are greeted by the Cum Bang website logo (a Southern flag covered in drops of cum) and, more importantly, after a short scroll down there is a video preview of the latest content updated on the site. On the mobile version of the site, however, there is no age verification page, and (which is, in fact, the more important aspect) there is no video preview of the latest video uploaded to the site.

Girls & Content

Cum Bang is a part of the Dog Fart Network, and as such membership on Cum Bang allows you access to content on their partner platforms, which is a bonus, and since we are talking about the Dog Fart Network, and as we have already mentioned, Cum Dump is a very specialized niche site, all the content is about interracial gang bangs where one black woman fucks and blows several white men, in a way a contradiction of most of the other sites in the Dog Fart Network, where it is usually black men and white women.

The website boasts a collection of over 78 videos of around 25 minutes each, plus a gallery of pictures for each episode of over 200 images, all available for download to members only in various resolutions which make them appropriate for viewing on desktops as well as mobile devices, as well as stories for any users of Cum Bang that prefer to read erotica rather than watch it. As far as the ladies on the website are concerned, they are all beautiful black women with amazing bodies and great oral prowess, as there is a high focus on oral sex in all of the videos, as well as for facial ejaculation.


The quality of the content on Cum Bang, as well as the highly specialized niche, makes it the ideal place for viewers with a penchant for watching very attractive black women get gang banged by white men.

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