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Erostreaming is the streaming-only version of Tainster, with a selection of more than fifteen hardcore orgy, gangbang and fetish sites in its stable. Well-known and brand new porn stars gather to perform party scenes, BDSM play, cum dumping and more. Whatever your pleasure, you’ll find it at this high-quality streaming site.



This site, like the download version, is beautifully designed to look great on desktop, tablet or mobile. The site is fully responsive, and from the home page onward you’re treated to amazing visuals of guys and girls fucking, licking, sucking and taking golden showers in glamorous, beautifully lit locations. These videos are filmed so well, with amazing sets and costumes, that the still shots almost look like ads from glossy magazines. This is the high life of a porn star, enjoying buckets of champagne and oysters before taking a bucketload of cum all over a designer dress. In the members’ area, you can browse the videos by site or by tags, or search by your favourite model. With over 5000 videos available, you need those search tags. Some scenes have been split into three or more videos, so although there are a ton of vids, they’re not all different. Most videos are at least twenty minutes’ worth, though. As bonus, members have access to Erostreaming Live, offering live chat with some of the models and other sexy camgirls. The interface is clean and easy to use and provides a change from the high intensity action of the videos.


Girls & Content

The girls and guys featured in these videos are all highly professional porn stars with great bodies, and they look very Euroglam. They’re mostly white, although I did spot some black guys with a six-pack and big cocks in the Party Hardcore Gone Crazy scenes, and a couple of hot black chicks in the Airbang videos. There are one or two MILFs, especially on FullyClothedPissing and FullyClothedSex, but the CumSquad, PeeSquad and party sites seem to feature mostly hot fresh girls. Everyone is very well dressed, groomed and gorgeous, even when covered in hot spunk. And the scenes are crazy and exciting to watch. The videos on these sites are well filmed and carefully cut into several easy to watch chunks, so you can find the scenes that get you off more easily.

There is no download option here, it’s streaming only, so you need a great connection to make sure you don’t get dropped just as you’re about to blow your load. This is fun to do if you can time it along with the eight guys cumming on one hot and horny girl in the CumSquad videos. There’s something for everyone here, from WetAndMessy to Tyrannized to Orgasmatics, this is a glory box of wank materials. The girls are big-titted, with clean pussies and tight tanned asses, and the guys are toned and tattooed with huge cocks. The sets look like boutique hotels, with lots of elegant tiles and old-style woodwork. Even the outdoor scenes are in lush gardens. Everything is designed to show the tight bodies of the models off to perfection, and the skilled filming and editing compliments it perfectly.



Erostreaming is the easy way to find out if you’ll enjoy the videos offered by the Tainster network. For those who have the connection and prefer not to lock into a long-term membership until they’ve tried the goods, this is the perfect option. As for the content: I’ll certainly be making good use of my membership.

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