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This is a website that houses the videos of girls having big booty. A typical dream home for those with an obsession with massive asses.

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The website is super user-friendly, you can easily navigate through the site. Unlike others, this site does not contain adverts, which makes the viewer concentrated on the videos, picture galleries and short stories available. This website contains a few number of videos on its home page, that shouldn’t disappoint you as it contains multiple links to several pages which house more videos for you. This website contains over 44 galleries with around 35 pictures each.

ExtremeAsses includes super exciting stories and video captures in every video which allow the user to understand what’s going on each and every video before watching. These stories explain the scenes in the videos. The video captures in every video will capture your attention right away as they are interesting and they show catchy positions, styles and stunts found in the videos. In this website, the names of the videos’ characters are also provided. The website works well on Android, Apple, and other mobile devices, it also works well in computers. To view full videos in this website, you will have to become a member, even though there are few videos that offer free trailers in the homepage that shows you that their content is worth your money.

Girls & Content

This website features super beautiful girls: those girls that when you just see them in their decent clothes it is enough to erect your dick higher and make it stand like the tower of Paris, then think of the joy you receive when you see the same girls naked with their pussies well enlarged and you get to see their legs spread, the penetration process as strong and firm dick get in and out together with the quality sound of those girls screaming on your earphones. On this website, you get to see how those big beautiful models get hardcore fuck, the kind of girls when you see them around you take a moment of silence and think about them. In the videos, you will then see how their dry pussies get wet. It’s a perfect place to hear the screams, the butt slaps, boobs collisions and finally, a place to hear the motivating sound of butts’ collision as these bad gals roll and rock on dicks.

This website houses about 44 episodes which are beyond 16 minutes long. The videos can be downloaded as well as streamed online. The quality of the videos is pretty higher and they come in WMV and MP4 formats. To stream these videos a Flash plug-in is required. The videos on this site cover a variety of viewers’ needs, on the same website, you will see scenes featuring different styles, stories, positions, castings and stunts that leave you aroused or even wet.

On this website you will see girls giving back to the boys, even more, you get to see all girls’ openings explored as they receive a great variety of services like pussy penetrations, anal penetrations, finger sex, boobs sucking, clit sucking, romantic slaps, deep French kisses. As these girls like to suck and swallow they also fire back to the bad boys with crazy movements and services that leave none of them without ejaculations. You get to see these girls performing a variety of stunts like twerking, blowjobs, deep kissing, doing the rides while on dicks and many others that keep the men’s full attention on them.


On ExtremeAsses, you don’t just get to see porn videos, but you get to see the beauty of nature, you see how girls with good and attractive looks go wild and make your world an on-earth paradise. If you want the real joy of porn, you better check out for this one.

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