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When hardcore became popular, more and more people started watching the genre, and porn got even more popular due to that. There are many videos that you can see that belong in the hardcore genre, but none of them are that good, nowadays, as there are more sites than good content. But, there is one site that has great content, and that site is called Flower Tucci, which is the name of one of the performers, a blond woman that loves having sex with both men and women, and who also loves to surprise its members, especially those that are new to the site.



The site is amazing, and some of the things that are good on the site make it even better that you would have expected it to be at first. The site has a wonderful design, one that helps you navigate the home page, as well as get you to the content in no time at all, but at the same time, it shows you a lot of the content, too. The site looks amazing, and the things that I like, are, from top to bottom, the large image at the top of the page, which also holds the site’s logo, and shows two girls giving a blowjob. Below, you can find the menu bar, covered in pink. It has all the essentials that you need to make your visit an even better one, and that is something that I always missed on other sites. The bar takes you to all the right places. Then, below, you can find a lot of previews, and they are lined up one by one, with a lot of photos for each preview, the names of the performers, as well as descriptions that help you understand what is happening in the said video. More things that are good on the site are, the bandwidth, which happens to make your search and navigation faster, and the mobile version, which makes surfing from wherever you are a great pleasure, as you get to see all the content, from the comfort of your chair or bed.


Girls & Content

This site also has videos, and they are all great, starting from all the lesbian videos. Flower likes her girls, and they like her, so whether it is one on one or three girls at the same time, they love fucking, and every bit of that shows on the videos. Now, Flower also likes her dudes, but be sure that you will see her get some cum on her face, and suck a dick, really well. What is more, she loves getting kinky with guys and girls at the same time, not to mention foursomes and the like. The quality of the videos makes every detail come to life, and you can download those videos, too, in the MP4 and the WMV formats. They have over 30 of them, and each lasts for 35 minutes. The site also brings you photos, which you have, over 6000, and you can download those, too, in the ZIP format. The site also gives you access to over 37 other sites, which you can join for free, as soon as you join this one.



Flower Tucci is a great looking blond girl, who loves to fuck males and females alike. She loves the hardcore, and every bit of that can be seen on the site, in the videos and the photos. Join this great community, and you will not be getting just one site, but over 37 f them, for the price of one.

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