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With the porn industry getting so much better nowadays, you might want to start searching for the better ones, as there are so many of the bad ones, that you will certainly want to avoid. Now, this site, called GagTheBitch is one of the best sites that you will find on the Internet, and it has many videos of the blowjobs that you will like so much, blowjobs that are intense and hardcore in a way that you will certainly want to see.



There is nothing like a good design to set things off, as you will soon learn as you set your sights upon the home page of this site. The design, although very aesthetic, remains simple enough for everyone to use, and that is one of the perks that makes this site rather a great one. Now, when you first get to the site’s home page, you will certainly enjoy what you get to see, and that is a great collection of photos and previews.

Against a black background, you will find the site’s collage of images, right at the top of the page, which will show you some of the content on the site. Below, you are able to find more previews, photos from the actual videos, and more photos, below. The site has very easy to spot buttons, that lead you to the members area, or to the joining page. The site also has a great sorting menu, which helps you navigate the content and find whatever it is that you need on the site. What is more, the site has great bandwidth, something that you should love as you get no lag, and the videos open instantly, on any of the devices, including the mobile ones.


Girls & Content

This site is home to some of the hottest videos that you can find, and some of the hottest girls, too. They love sucking on cocks, and doing it in a very deep way, so deep that they swallow them all up. They are all great looking, have in mind, so you will see some really hot girls, and you will love what they bring to you, a variety of blowjobs, each different in its own way, due to the girls being different, which translates to great porn. The guys also love getting their dicks blown, the result being a lot of cum, sometimes from two dicks at the same time.

The quality of the videos is also great, bringing to you something that you will surely love as the site has videos that last 15 minutes, each, and over 80 of them. With regular updates, the number keeps on growing, but, what is more, the videos can be downloaded in the WMV format, and streamed, too. The site also has photos and over 1800 of them. Add to that the fact that you can download them in the ZIP format, and you have a lot of content. But, that is not all, as the site offers over 22 other sites in the network, and all of their content could be yours, not to mention that you could download it all, too.



There is something about a site that grants you access to over 22 other sites for the price of one, and it is not just the endless content that you get for such a fair price. GagTheBitch is a great site that has some very hardcore blowjobs, and you will love every moment that you spend there, so give it a try, and you will surely not regret it.

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