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Our opinion on GF Revenge


The concept of revenge is best served cold, we all agree with that, but if you get tough of a sweet and smoking cherry to the main course, then the prospect is all the more appealing. So if you are searching for a place which hosts such kinds of action, then GF Revenge is the place to be. The site will reward you with plenty of top quality videos and pictures to enjoy. If you set up an account here, you will be treated to about 300+ videos and the same number of galleries to titillate yourself. The boyfriends have to be praised for providing so many magical footages and going through them will bring about a smile of satisfaction upon your faces. Yes, folks, revenge never looked and even though they are all in POV formats, you will find the clarity of the action to quite heart enthralling as well as dick pleasing. Let us check out some of the other points of the site know how it has managed to become so likable in the porn world. Keep reading.

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When you step into the main page, you will find that there are plenty of options which will be present and they all appear to be properly organized manner. The preview is stunning in their picture quality and due to the impressive streaming speed of the site, you will find them playing without any interruptions. The design is simple and does not have any stylish design but you will like the crude presentation of the content. It is all about bare bones and self-explanatory as one can hope for. Regarding the navigation options, you will find that there is an instant access which allows you to check out all the various aspects of the site as well as a boatload of options and this will let you know about the kind of stuff which is presented by the site. One of the biggest let-downs of the site is that it does not allow you to download the videos and only the streaming option is provided. The videos are not tagged and do not provide many details about the actors as well as the number of views it has got. Also, you will find that pre-account set up the previews are all that you get and if you desire to watch the entire action, then you will have to set up an account here. The procedures are simple and all you have to do is enter the join now option and spare some of your personal details such as your full name, your email address as well as a username and a watchword. Plus with that, you will also have to choose a subscription package according to your pockets and then dispatch out the request to the site. You will find that the smooth interface of the site will allow your request to be transferred over to the site’s end and because of that, the confirmation of your account set up will be provided instantly. The details which you provide are adequately safeguarded. The site guarantees you that and also the site does have some name in the realm and so you can also be sure of the fact that it will not take part in any malware or illegal operations by disobeying the laws of the land. The payment of your account also has to be carried out using your transaction cards- either credit as well as debit and if you want to carry it out using the cheque mode, then you can also do that without any issues. The transactions will be carried out smoothly as per the quick responsiveness of the site and if say you run into any issues with your imbursement or your account, then you can sort it out using the site’s customer care and desk. These guys are around the clock accessible and will help you out in every possible manner. The website also offers you a clear visual of all the materials which fill up the different pages and there are no irritating advertisements or pop up banners which disrupt your views. Also, you will be happy to know that the site is great regarding its updates and so you whenever you enter into your account you will find that there is new and interesting stuff which await your eyes.

Girls & Content

The girls who feature in the action and there are about the age limit of about 19-25 years of age. They are sweet chicks and the videos which are given as streaming options are shot in POV style. Though here the site says that the footage is mainly whipped footage of ex-girlfriends which have taken by boyfriends, the action mainly appears to be set up. However, there is no shortage of eroticism and the sex scenes will blow your mind out. They also appear to be in sublime formats and the action is also quite long. The setting is realistic and you will love the way these amateur chicks act. They are quite cheerful and interact with the cameraman. In fact, in one of the scenes you will find a hot tender aged chick dancing about in the streets amidst the crowd and then as the action moves on, she catches hold of the photographer’s dick and plays with it. When both of them get aroused they go upstairs and start to kiss passionately. The sex then follows and it does make way for excellent viewing. The clarity of the each of the action is 920×516 pixels and there are about 300+ movies and 300+ picture galleries, each comprising of about 75 high res pictures to enjoy. The pictures can also be enjoyed online as slideshows. However, the download option is not there and this is one of the biggest disappointments. However, the slide shows player of the site is great and suffices your needs adequately.


The website GfRevenge is a beautiful place for amateur porn lovers as you. The clarity of the action though it is shot in POV formats will spell bound you. You will also get a constant supply of videos and pictures every time you visit into your account.

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