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We all love that extra spice in life, to sizzle up things and make life more interesting. Monotony can get to us as we live our day to day filled with it. The usual doesn’t appeal to us anymore and we are constantly looking for something new, something that helps us break out of that monotony. And the same applies to sex as well, doesn’t it? We have watched all that there is out there, all generic and easily available on the Internet. Watching the same kind of thing repeatedly really makes us wonder if there is anything new that can titillate our senses. We want to watch porn, which goes beyond the norms and beyond anything that even falls under the definition of hardcore. There is so much porn out there that falls into the realm of soft-core porn; all the cute, gentle stuff and all the stuff that is barely just hardcore that you wonder whether the industry has stopped catering to people with real hardcore fetishes and real kink.

Don’t we crave some hardcore and wild porn? We need some intense hard-core stuff to make our cock thrum with pleasure. Well, if that is what you want, real hardcore, just amateur porn, so raw and intense that it will make your jaw drop, then we have a website that is just made to cater to your needs. The website is called GGGDevot. This site has the most hardcore, intense videos you have ever seen and not for the faint hearted. It is exactly what you are looking for, them pushing the envelope as far as it can be possibly pushed. As the name of the site goes, ‘Devot’ in German mean submission. They do live up to their name as the women are made to be submissive if they step out of line they are used as though they entered a camp where they enemy is trying to get information from them. Yes, that is how intense these people can get. It is a website created by John Thompson, a German producer known for his superb production skills. The porn sites tagline is “German sluts get fucked, showered with golden juices and gangbanged.” If the tagline itself is so intense, you can only imagine what awaits you. Read on to know more.

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If you want to know how to get someone’s attention, you have to take leaf out of GGGDevot’s book, as the people at their design team know what they were trying to pull off. The entire website looks like an enormous expressionist’s work of art, with a very obvious grunge feel to it. They have made the website as different as they could, making it one of the best-looking sites you will ever come across. You mind definitely will be intrigued and it definitely will make you more excited thinking about what is in store for you. They have used a lot of dark colors, which aren’t loud, diving it a desolate, murky feeling. Multiple colors have been used like black, yellow, red, blue and green. The background color is black, which is obviously the predominant color. Once you land on the home page, you see what we have been talking about all this while. There are videos and thumbnails of women gagged, bound and on their knees in total submission for you to watch. There is a little caption too about all the movies so that you know exactly what you are going to watch. The main page, which has the content, is divided according to the movies that are on display for you. There is another category, which has more hardcore videos if you think that your cock wants more! There are four main categories: rough sex, hardcore gangbang and BDSM.


Girls & Content

The real reason to read reviews is always to know what the content is all about, so let’s talk about why we are here, shall we? The girls in all these videos are German, with sexy accents, tits that you would want to make red by slapping on them and pussies so tight that you would want to keep pounding on them all night long. These girls are not only hot but also, they are one of the most beautiful women that you would probably ever see. These girls are adventurous, wild and very naughty and the men know how to turn them into submissive slaves. These women are given no choice, as they are tied up in chains and cuffs and even sometimes gagged. They are made to swallow pee as they are showered on their faces and in their mouths with warm, golden body fluids. You will see a lot of BDSM action with a lot of sadism, with men dominating over the women like they are nothing but an object just for their pleasure. The video stretches these models to their absolute limits as it goes on. Let’s give you a little peek into one of the videos. The first scene is of an operating room. There is a blonde girl kind of tied up on the operating table. All these men are taking their turns with her, making her do nasty things to them, while they collectively do nasty things to her. They put a piss catheter on her and try to make her swallow some pee. Then they want to change the game a little so they fill the catheter up with semen and then compel her to swallow it. And that is just a peek at it! They have a little over 39 movies. And each movie is about 80 minutes long the video and sound quality of the videos is brilliant.



These videos are hardcore and everything that you want. They have compiled and arranged the content well to fulfill all your nasty fetishes. And you get bonus content as well if you sign up. This must be the craziest deal ever, don’t wait, and sign up!

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