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Men are not the only ones who enjoy watching porn. Girls too. Sure, we commonly see them star in porn videos; however, it seems that only a few people involved in the porn industry realize that girls get turned on with porn as well. Yes, it’s true that the main target market of the porn scene is men. This is the reason the focus is mostly on the female porn stars. In fact, as much as possible, the exposure of men in the videos are kept to a minimal because the men whom the videos were made for, would enjoy fantasizing that it’s them who’s currently banging the really hot chick in the video. But what about women? There are a lot of girl on girl action for those who are into that, but even those types of videos are made for dudes. Well, don’t worry ladies, we have finally found the porn site for you. Allow us to present to you Girlfriends. Girlfriends is a nice porn site where you can check out steamy femme on femme action. What set this porn site apart from others are two things that are very important to note. First, it is not just a porn site; it is a community. Once you sign up for membership, you are also joining one of the biggest lesbian communities online. In fact, this is where this porn site is getting videos from. The videos that you are going to see are real lesbian action. Most of the videos here were made and submitted by real-life lesbian couples. In this light, yes, in a way this is an amateur porn submission site, but there are a lot of videos with really nice studio quality as well. The second thing that sets this porn site apart from other lesbian sites is that all of the videos that you are going to see here were made by girls. In the end, think about it. What do guys know about lesbian relationships? Nothing, right? This is the reason a lot of girl on girl videos that we see on other sites look a bit awkward, or fake. It is because these male directors just don’t know what the real thing should look and feel like. But the videos here, they are straight to the point. If you are a lady who’s reading this review right now, or even if you are a dude, if you are interested in joining this site, then allow us to help you out. Let us enumerate the membership options available for you. There are three main membership plans: a single month, a three-month, and a six-month program. If you are unsure of which one to choose, then you can opt for the three-day trial period available. You will gain access to the site and its offerings for three days with a very minimal amount, then if you decide to join the site after, you can easily switch to one of the main options instead. Joining this site will also gain you access to the network where Girlfriends belong to, Sexy Hub. This porn network has five sites in all, and each site is dedicated to sweet lesbian love. And now for the numbers, joining Sexy Hub will grant you access to thousands of exclusive videos, starring girls just as many. And of course, let us not forget the other perks like member requests (where you can submit video ideas), and access to live cams!

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The overall theme of the website is for girls to have fun here. It is a community where they could find friends with the same interests; a place where, according to the site’s tagline, they could “film, direct, and star in the videos.” In this light, they also claim to have fun and friendly content as well. This is the reason their website design, following the fun and friendly theme, is just like that – fun and friendly with the use of handwritten fonts in different colors, together with a sky blue background. To put it simply, the entire site looks like a scrapbook. Scrolling down, you will already see their latest videos. They had laid it out in a way that there is a big preview video, with four other thumbnails below it. One thing that had surprised us is the fact that even if the site is a place where people could just submit their videos, which to us, speaks “amateur,” most of the videos, on the other hand, don’t look like they were done by amateurs. The quality of the cameras used is great. You can see that in the clear image quality of the videos. The lighting that they used is excellent as well. The videos are not dark and grainy. Most of them are even available in a high definition format.

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Let us now head on to the fun part of this review – the girls. It is nice to know that the girls here are all lesbians, which means that they are really enjoying what they are doing. This makes a huge difference from the “lesbian” videos that you might see elsewhere starring straight porn stars. It’s difficult to describe how these videos differ, so what we suggest is for you to see and experience it for yourself instead. As for how the ladies look, well, they have a variety of different beauties and assets here from blondes to brunettes, from big boobs to big ass. The only common denominator between these varied beauties is the fact that they are all lesbians.


Overall, if you are a lady, not necessarily a lesbian, looking for some porn videos that you can watch then this is the porn site for you. In the end, these guys really know how to turn on a girl, so prepare yourself for a fun and orgasmic night ahead. Who knows? If you find yourself enjoying these videos more and more, then maybe someday you’ll get to star in one of them as well.

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