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These dudes are a little crazy but then again everyone around is crazy. The horny dudes are bent on screwing MILFS and mature women so that whoever hits a thousand cumulative years for all the mature women he has fucked, gets the prize. It’s a weird way of competing but yes, that’s the idea. All the action is brought to you in full HD.



Granny Bet is wrapped in brown frames and background for the most part. It’s been some time since I saw such color combinations used on a porn site. I loved it. There is clear thought given to the design and layout of the content on Granny Bet. It is clear that your interest and comfort is a top agenda. I think so because it did not take me much time before I could start sampling the entertainment provided. There is a drop-down menu that allows users to choose the specific categories of their interest. I could also simply click on a scene represented on the home page in a long menu list of tagged captions. I was also impressed with the tweak to allow mobile phone users to sample entertainment on the platform.

I could also stream videos as much as I wished in a range of format options including the Flash player embedded in the browser. Users may also download content and check it out in WMV and MP4 formats. All the videos I sampled are available in full HD form. You will be impressed by the crisp, clear quality. There is a bonus of up to 174 videos on your primary subscription. If you like to view your porn content on the go, you have no cause to worry. Granny Bet is perfectly tweaked for mobile access. I could sample videos from behind my desk even when attending a meeting at my workplace. The loading speed is impressive. The videos also play seamlessly.


Girls & Content

It looks like there is a new obsession in town. You are treated to rare flicks and images of hot sexy hunks in raunchy sex encounters with mature women. Surprisingly the mature women show exceptional agility in bed. Some of the escapades happen outdoors. In fact, the energetic hunks set out on their hunting mission in outdoor places such as beaches and parks. They seduce these golden cuties and lead them to sex in various locations. The girls are up to the task. They cup the dudes’ balls; stroke them with experienced and skilled hands before they swallow their cocks whole deep in their throats. The dudes can’t help but groan, pant, heave and twist around with pleasure. The mature women know what they want. So they time their fresh dudes and spread out for them to screw their pussies when the cocks are at the peak of erection. I was amazed at the agility that the girls show. Each of the scenes on this platform comes with both videos and still photos. Although the 30 videos available on the platform may seem inadequate, their quality is really what makes up for the gap. Besides, you are provided with a couple of videos to sample as a bonus. There are 25 galleries, each with over 150 pics per set.



Granny Bet is a dynamic porn site that offers you a variety of sex entertainment, from anal to straight hardcore fucks. You are also presented with a bit of blowjob work thrown in the works. There are sufficient user tools to keep you interested for a reasonable period.

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