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HotGold came online in December of 2013 and what made it unique was the fact that it focused on some of the sexiest girls from Portugal. And if you know anything about Portuguese, then you know that they are pretty much some of the hottest girls in the whole wide world, arguably. These girls also just don’t happen to have pretty faces but they know a thing or two about staying as sexy as possible and also turning you on by teasing you and also fucking some huge cocked guys. Some of these girls, as I will be talking about shortly, will always blow your mind away by getting to do all that you want all in live shows that you can gain access to only as a member of HotGold. The good news is that the registration process is always a piece of cake. And as such, you can get to complete it within the shortest time possible.

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Just like it is with the hot girls, HotGold also has a wide variety of features that you can get to use for your own convenience. Just make sure that you aren’t straining much to find the exact model or fetish or scene that you are looking for and there is a good feature that will always get you to that place that you want to go. Just know the keyword and the searching tool will always take you there in a split of a second. For downloading, the MP4 format is the most appropriate to ensure that the quality after you are done with downloading is still top notch, which is an amazing feeling altogether.

HotGold also has a fair share of live feeds, bonus movies such as Violada and Orgias Coloridas and so many others. And since the site is conveniently designed, there is the area for the scenes, the girls, casting, TV, live girls and so forth. Each of these live girls has a profile that you can check out. There is always the HD trailer that you can get to use to ensure that you are all sorted out as you try to decide the ones that you want to check out. The good news is that all of these videos or movies are so steamy and titillating that they all will leave you yearning for some more erotic action altogether.


Girls & Content

HotGold has a total of about 64+ hot Portuguese models that you can select from. They might all be very different in appearance, but one thing that they all do have in common is their utmost beauty. Some of these hot girls in question include Erica fonts, Rebecca Pinar and Susanna Melo, just to mention a couple of them. And their obvious beauty aside, these girls do have a penchant for making sure that you are always well ahead of the game as far as erotic entertainment is concerned. If anything, all that I can say is that you ought to sign up and make sure that you are checking them out individual. And while you are at it, just know that you ought to make sure that you have prepared yourself to have your mind blown away for sure.

These girls are amazing. They get to suck cocks, fuck the same big, veiny cocks and also perform oral sex with so much motivation you might think their lives depended on it. And the result is usually these girls having semen trailing down from their faces or the corners of their mouths. And in the case of creampies, then you will be treated to some amazing shots of semen dripping from their pussies. There are also some scenes where these hot and horny Portuguese girls are masturbating. And in this case, they just don’t get to use their fingers only but also their favorite toys. And since the shots are so remarkable, you can rest assured that you will most certainly be way on top of your game at all times.

HotGold in total, there are about 28+ DVDs that can be accessed from this site. And as such, all I can say is that the number is supplemented with the bonus sites and therefore there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about. If anything, all you need to do is enjoy the quality of the videos. There are all amazing pieces of information in each of these videos which include the runtime as well as titles that will give you a hint on what you are about to enjoy. For example, a title that goes something like Big Wide Ass goes a long way in making sure that you know exactly what you are about to sit tight and look at. And since everyone loves a girl with a big, fat ass, then I am sure that they will cut to the chase and check out the site all the same.



There are plenty of features in here that will always help you enjoy everything good that this hot Portuguese site has to offer. And for that matter, the most important thing for you to be doing would be to sit tight and take advantage of this simplicity and get all of the erotic satisfaction as you intended. There are plenty of hot women in here to pick from, and that also translates to the plenty of hot sexual stunts that will always keep you entertained. And just like it is the case with your selection of women, it should also apply to the sexual fetishes that you will find on this site. HotGold has got an amazing structure that you will most certainly be in a position to check out at all times. And for that matter, the first thing that you need to be doing would be to sit tight and make sure that you are taking time in here. There is also bonus material from the one bonus site that you will always get access to the moment that you have completed your signing up procedure altogether.

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