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Japanese porn sites have a great foundation when you think about it in a technical way. I have known tons of them ever since I was relatively exposed to porn and I can say that they are unique in many ways than one. This is probably because Japanese people are curious and creative at the same time. They like to push beyond the boundaries of what is considered the norm and they make a mighty fine job of it. Nevertheless, the same notion can be said about their adult videos and adult sites. They take what is considered normal and tweak it to their taste, or add some more spice to it. Either way, it comes out great and unique; which would mean that we as consumers have plenty of new things to discover. Further on, it seems like Japanese people are attracted to plenty of things. Like pubic hair. I know, it may sound a little odd but hear me out. The majority of the Japanese adult sites I have come across always have girls with really thick bushes, unlike other porn sites I know that originated from different countries, but they are still rocking it. With that statement, I would like to shed light on this recent discovery I found: JPShavers.

Unlike the usual Japanese porn sites I have encountered, this one is a little bit different regarding pubic hair preservation. Simply because JPShavers do not have girls with thick bushed beavers. They like their women cleanly shaved and ready to go. For most of us, this is the sort of thing we are accustomed to if we watch porn flicks from the west but for most Asian porn sites, having a thick bush down there is considered apparently seducing and really good. For JPShavers, it is the opposite and they do love the cleanly shaved pussies plastered all over their porn site. These bare Asian ladies look great without them and it is even more erotic to watch since you can see an unobstructed view of these muffs. The site is under the Idol Bucks and Karat Media Network and has been around since September 2010. The lovely Japanese girls you will see here are very charismatic and with their newly shaved pussies, they are ready to take on the porn universe video by video.

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JPShavers has a pretty basic looking website design and I totally salute them for that because then, I would not be too distressed about how it looks like and would rather spend my time skimming seriously through the mountain of amazing content. With its white background and black & gray font colors, I would say that the entirety of the site is based on a minimalistic theme and it is the perfect fit. The navigation here is pretty slick and very manageable, something that I think is really good. The user interface is straightforward and the site’s layout is just as great. You will see the links on the very top part of the site and those are the most important ones that will help you get your way around here. You might be confused at the logo on top which says “Shaved Pussy” but it’s just like a slogan or something and the site is still referred to as JPShavers.

Now onto the links that will ultimately guide you to a hassle free adventure in here. You might want to take notice of the little house icon on top; that is the home button which will basically and essentially take you to the main page no matter where you are every time it is clicked. Next to this is the ‘Videos’ button which will take you to a page where all the video collections are. In the same menu bar, you also get a link that will take you to their DVD collections. They have a model index which you can access by clicking on the ‘Models’ button on top. The ‘Categories’ button doubles as a drop down menu where you can click on any of the categories they support. You have the ‘Network’ button which will ultimately lead you to the network that owns them where you will find plenty of things to skim through.

You get the ‘Why Us’ button, but that is the site talking to you and probably telling you the reason why you should pick them. You also get the ever so rare ‘Tags’ button where you will see the many tags that make up the whole site. You also get the ‘Support’ button where they will answer you and guide you if ever you find yourself in a pinch. The thing with JPShavers is that there are already a lot of things inputted here. You can do plenty of things and have access to numerous porn sites for free with your JPShavers membership. Do not ever forget or hesitate to check these out because they are also part of the reason why this porn site is totally good.


Girls & Content

You will find plenty of Japanese girls here in JPShavers. These Asian ladies may look meek and innocent, but they are wild things to deal with. They often engage in unprotected sex that comes in twosomes, threesomes, or foursomes. All of the videos are most definitely hardcore and a pleasure to watch. There are countless categories to choose from and you could catch tons of fetishes being featured here. The scenes can be watched online using your browser (an embedded Flash player is required) or downloaded to your device in MP4 format. Both online watching and downloads will give you a 1280 x 720-pixel resolution or a 720 x 408-pixel resolution. Not all videos are in high definition, but they are still pretty decent and really good. There seems to be no download limit for anything and you can browse as much as you want.



If shaved Asian girls are your thing, then this site will give you plenty of them, plus your favorite hardcore sex scenes. The quality is good and the quantity is great. Also, you will be given lots of things to do so it does not get too dull in here.

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