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When getting tired of the same old content, I was happy to find that the internet had some more tricks up its sleeve when it presented me Karupspc, standing for Karup’s Private Collection, a number of videos and photos that show you all the hardcore and softcore action you could ever want, in high quality, of course. Having a variety of niches, they would be able to satisfy even the most vehement porn lovers out there.

The most beautiful girls on KarupsPc


There is nothing quite like a home page that makes you feel like you want to stay. Esthetically speaking, it is beautiful, having a nice, sleek design, with variations of the color yellow in the background, along with a nice self-changing image in the center. The very images in the center are breathtaking, bringing you to an aroused state in a matter of seconds. What I liked was the fact when you actually get to the videos section, or the one with the photos, you could see them sorted in a nice way, one that allows you to browse through them quickly, selecting those you prefer, which is a hard choice, as all of the models are attractive. The navigation is very good, as it has no lag, whatsoever, and you are able to run through the site’s pages without having to even look away from your screen. That is also an option for the mobile devices, as the site is optimized, providing you with quite a viewer’s pleasure of browsing from the comfort of your sofa.

Girls & Content

There are many things that this site has which make it extraordinary, but the models are by far the best one. The girls are every bit sexy as they know how to bring the cock loving passion to the screen. Well, at least some of them love cocks, others prefer masturbating, or playing with toys. There is an entire section dedicated to toys and it is very creative. You wouldn’t even imagine what girls love to put in their pussies until you see the videos. With softcore action for those of a meeker nature, everybody gets to be the winner, every porn lover out there. The hardcore section is, of course, there as well, having videos of double penetration or plain old anal sex, though in this case, the ass was a bit tighter than usual, making way for some screams here and there. Age is also not a barrier here, as you have a section that deals with amateurs only, and the opposite one, which has mature women, those who know how to handle the biggest dicks out there. For those of you who tend to be a bit more “exotic”, such a page exists, having ebony ladies get their black pussies pounded and taking facials. The videos themselves are available in many formats, all of them in HD quality, being full feature, as well. If you tire of the screams, you could switch to the image gallery, and download them all if you should so prefer, once you join, of course. Joining is a matter of just clicking two buttons, especially since you would be entitled to streaming and downloading videos, which are updated six times a week.


There is nothing similar to karupspc out there, as they deal with the best porn videos, whether they are softcore, or have girls play with their pussies and toys, or have plain old fucking, whether it is dick to pussy or anal, you come out as the winner. The winner gets a whole lot of porn, available for downloading or streaming in different formats when it comes to videos, and just plain old downloading when it comes to pictures, content which is regularly updated and has never been unattractive.

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