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Ahh, our dear old foot (feet) fetish who have always been a regular subject on every porn site that we have ever reviewed online. It is like in every sound porn sites that we have ever seen, especially to that porn site who have almost every sort of porn niche that you can ever think off, stars this sort of fetish within their burning hot arsenals of videos coming from different adult video formats and themes.
 However, with our experience as different individual porn lovers and true blue adult video enthusiasts, it is an open fact that chancing upon a porn site solely dedicated to servicing this type of pornographic fetish is relatively rare, proven most of the time a difficult find. And if like us here in the office, that you have a strong foot or feet fetish, then you might truly understand how it feels.
 Alas, today your long wait and hours of searching are over my dear chap for you are in luck in stumbling upon our today’s porn site review because we have managed a specialized porn site that is the single focus is to satisfy our foot fetishes.

LegSex offers sexual themes of different naughtily sensual encounters when it comes to foot and leg sex.
 You might want to get a stable foothold or a sturdy bench because the following stuff that you are going to witness in this review are so shockingly exciting that blowing your high-pressure orgasm would surely turn your world upside down! (believe us, our resident foot fetish sexperts here got topsie turvy when he heard the news about today’s subject of porn site review, the incident is so comical that we have dubbed it as the “foot stool incident”. I don’t want to elaborate further on the details for it might consume the rest of the remaining space here in our review.)

most interesting feet porn sites to watch leg sex material



One thing that I love about the porn site LegSex is its website design. This porn site is in fact, one of the classiest porn sites that I have ever laid my eyes upon, and I know that you will certainly get what I’m talking about once you have landed on the homepage of the porn site yourself.
 Let us start with the overall look. The color theme is black and gold. This is clearly in line with the porn site’s logo which is LegSex in a simple classic font, in a shining gold color. The background of the site is a plain black but the other visual elements are in a striking yellowish gold color.
 Now, once you access the porn site, the usual thing that you are going to see first is the landing page. It’s like those familiar pages of porn sites where you click on “Enter” to get into the main homepage of the porn site. I don’t talk about these pages on other porn site reviews, but I’m so impressed by this one, I’m going to mention it now. The photos of the ladies that you are going to see on this page are well chosen and well curated. They all look like pin-up models and they’re engaging enough to get you excited in clicking the enter button.
Once you do click on it, needless to say, it’s going to lead you to the main porn site which looks just as much (if not) more impressive than the landing page. As expected, you’ll see a lot more pin-upesque ladies and impressive thumbnails of both the girls and the site’s latest videos.


Girls & Content

Oh yes, the girls! Well to set your hope on its proper level, we do believe that giving this porn site the rights to materialize itself online is one of the best ideas that our modern world’s brilliant minds have ever accomplished. Well, it goes without saying that every gorgeously luscious legs and feet only belongs to the incredibly sexy owners of them.
 We are not bragging, but merely stating an honest fact that the girls here earned a spot in the fashion and modeling industry for they are all exquisitely elegant in their ways of carrying themselves. Which are the things that we like about the makers and people behind this porn site? For one, they have excellent taste in women, and of course and probably the most important reason of all is that they truly know how to please a true blue porn enthusiast with desperately high foot fetish fever. 
Speaking of foot fetish fever, your sexually unique preference will further be subjected to a more sensation of virtually sexual experience because of their hardcore high definition cameras that shoot every single video inside this porn site. Oh, trust me mate, every scene in their videos shows every single graphic details of it making you wonder if there is truly a monitor dividing you between those live showing leg and feet ladies that you are jerking off for.



It is needless to say how much we truly enjoy this porn site. I mean, we did it from the very beginning of our porn site review making me search through my mind attic for more useful vocabulary tools so that I can avoid making redundant thoughts written here in this review. Just so you know, like every other foot fetish enthusiast I did went crazy when I heard about this porn site, and making the one who is going to write about it. 
I just love this porn niche, and frankly, I can confidently say that writing this review for you, my dear porn chaps is indeed a treat for me. Getting embarrassedly tripped over by that stool is worth it! Anyway, I’ve been blubbering here for quite a while here already. Until our next porn review, and please be kind enough to join this porn site, because trust me it is worth every penny.

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