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Life Selector is the finest sexy POV porn site that allows users to choose content and determine the direction of the performances. The site is presented with a user bias focus. The videos and pics are great quality views you will want to just keep watching. You have a chance to be the protagonist in the ensuing action but you can also choose to view it from a third eye perspective.

nicest pov porn site featuring awesome interactive porn flicks



The site has adopted a unique way of organizing its content. One of the notable differences is that the shows are presented in an endless scroll. Users can scroll down the pages and choose what they prefer to view. You can also save your favorites from the offerings so that you can access them with ease the next time that you visit. There is a model index that you can also use to select a girl and follow her in raunchy scenes. If you are not impressed by the scroll-down approach, there are other ways. You are provided with content tags and even a search tool that makes it easy to find specific content. Users will appreciate the fact that Life Selector allows viewing via mobile devices. The site also loads remarkably fast.

The videos are meant for streaming only. The design and plan of the entertainment are such that you are provided with a chance to choose your adventure. However, you will be excited at the fact that you can actually view a significant amount of content without paying for it. I also noticed that as the entertainment becomes more graphic, you are made to purchase credits. These credits allow you to go for a number of adventure choices. So, ideally, you can start enjoying the fun for free until you are made to make a choice. Most choices end in steamy sexual encounters in which the main girl gives it to you unreservedly.


Girls & Content

The cuties are carefully selected. Users are made to assume some role in the script. In this case, I found myself in charge of cuties in some top notch learning set up. I was tempted by the hot girls raring to have a taste of their supervisor. On occasion, I was caught by a fellow member of the staff, who I had to bribe off to keep quiet. The temptations never cease on Life Selector. I could not help summoning erections many times as I explored the world of these energetic cuties. In another incident, I was made to be the man of the house. I woke up to a sumptuous breakfast after which my woman went off to work. I remained and engaged in all manner of mischief trying to hook up a fuck.

My day could not have been better. I finally figured out that I could feign sickness. So when my wife rushed back, she showed up with a friend with whom she left me as she, supposedly, went off to find help for me. Her friend was a hot sexy blonde that any man would soon recover from illness after looking at her pretty face and full boobs rearing to pop out of her bra. She had this short dress that allowed me to peek at her inner thighs. That was enough to set off a chain of reactions. The rest, as they say, are details, but interesting ones in this case. There are over 1200 scenes to check out on this site. Users can sample the content as much as they wish.



If you are looking for a site that will give you a lot of freedom to choose, not just the models, but also the direction that your entertainment takes, I would suggest that you try out Life Selector. The girls are sexy hot and creative. The user interface is also great.

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