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Have you ever wished your family would warm up your partner? Or have you ever wished the relationship between your parents and your family was not strained? Well, visiting MeetMySweet will make you thank God for the drift that exists between your parents and your girlfriend. Simply put, the site explores the encounters between a girlfriend and her boyfriend’s parents and what escalates is just pretty unimaginable and rather hot if you ask me. The site is about how your parents team up and go on to seduce your rather more than a willing girlfriend. I know that if I find myself in that situation, I would pretty much go insane or jump off a cliff. But that is just me.

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MeetMySweet has been designed with a lot of creativity. The photo gallery at the homepage is made of several interconnected threesome sex scenes making it unique and seductive to many. I love the fact that the site has provided us with many videos. Provision of some information about each video is a plus to the site. What made me rank the site as a number one to me is the duration of the clear videos, all run for 30-minutes. In addition, there are extra movies on the site that one can enjoy plus members have access to two other bonus sites that can keep one busy. The sites are My Bros GF and Rage Story. The site’s homepage is well laid out with icons and menus all looking pretty with images that leave a lot to be desired. Together with this, navigating the site is also a breeze in the park.


Girls & Content

On this sites, the videos can be watched straight from the site through an embedded flash player. Apart from that, the site offers download options including MPEG, MP4s, and better yet, Full HD Windows Media Files. The site also boasts of 10 photo galleries that are all high-resolution images allowing you to enjoy the fucking taking place in the films all over again taking you through the action in a well-detailed frame by frame showing. These can later be saved in zipping folders according to your desires.

The site has a few gorgeous models in its stable that appear in these videos. The site has some European pro pornstars like Adele Sunshine and Kitty Jane (all going with different names) just to name but a few. Although the parents are clearly a bit older, they are pretty sexy and can keep up with the girl in the sex scenes. The mother’s boyfriends in most of the movies are the naughtiest in the actions she does. In fact, many times, the mother is the one who instigates the sex rather than the father as one might assume. The videos can also be downloaded in a mobile mp4 setup, which means that mobile devices are also compatible with the site, something I enjoyed rather well when out camping with a bunch of my mates.



The site is well planned out and despite the updates coming in irregularly, the site is well done and props should go to the webmasters. The HD videos and photos make it stand side by side with the best sites. I recommend the site fully for anyone who desires sexy scenes depicting in-laws going at it with their son’s prospective wives.

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