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A curvy chick has a body that is tailor-made for fucking. If you don’t believe me, then think again. Curvy sluts have tits that can become your pillow for an entire night, on which you can place your head. The perky nipples on these tits are your playgrounds for sucking day and night. An hour-glass figure will want you to hold the waist, fuck the juicy cunt and to squeeze their asses. When the slut is on all fours, and you are fucking her in doggy style, you would want to spank the ass. So, you see curvy sluts have got all the right ingredients to have them your fuck partners.

If curvy bitches are your fantasy, then you should try out MonsterCurves. MonsterCurves is a porn site that offers you the world’s best curvy sluts, ready to show you what they possess and give you the pleasure you deserve. Being naturally endowed with the right curves, everything about what they do is natural and genuine. The design and features will show you how good this site is, regarding its layout and color scheme, the content it provides and its affordability. The girls and videos will review the kind of sluts that this site covers and a description of a video that shows how good they are.

the best big ass porn website offering sexy models with huge curves



Sites containing a riot of colors are not suitable for porn. However, MonsterCurves is an exception. From magenta to purple, orange to pink, and black and white, this site is an example of how different colors can be combined to create a magical effect. Magenta is used in the header, where the text is white. Purple is used in the tab section, while orange is used for the Join Now button and in MonsterCurves, which also features pink as the other color. White forms the background color, while all texts are in black and blue (for the hyperlinks).

A beautiful banner of a slut whose ass is being licked sets your mood right. Curvy in all respects, her ass is very sensitive to the warm saliva oozing out of the tongue. It is a sight to behold. In the purple strip, you have tabs linking to videos, pornstars and scenes in the RealityKings network. RealityKings is crowned the world’s best adult entertainment company, and it owns MonsterCurves.  On the home page, there are a dozen videos with descriptions, porn stars featured and screenshots of the videos. On clicking the videos tab, you are taken to a page presenting an array of videos. There are 24 videos on this page, and the number of pages exceeds 10. Thus, you can enjoy more than 200 videos exclusively from MonsterCurves. These videos are in 1080p full HD quality. So, your nights will never be spent without watching these chicks. The same goes with the porn stars of this site.

Given the kind of features this site possesses, you may be wondering if it is expensive to subscribe. This is the most surprising part of this site, its affordability. Though you can subscribe to this site paying a reasonable monthly rate, an annual subscription will save you a huge 67% over the monthly option. Isn’t this a deal worth subscribing to? If you factor in the RealityKings partner sites that you get access to after signing up, you will realize that this is indeed the deal of the millennium.


Girls & Content

Curves, curves and more curves. Curves here, curves there and curves everywhere. What else can I tell you about the sluts of this site? The creators of this site have left no stone unturned to bring out the best curvy bitches for your viewing pleasure. If I must describe these sluts to you, no words are enough. However, let me attempt to describe, for who knows, you may as well get a rock-hard dick after reading this description. Curvy, yes; you already know about it. Is this all? No! They have the smoothest and softest bodies you have ever seen. The curves give the soft skin a glossy look and give the sluts a perfectly sculpted body. The slender waists are so smooth that you would want to use a peacock feather to tease her. Take the feather to her navel and see her reaction. The tickling sensation would send goosebumps all over her body. Those thighs are like a soft pillow. Put your head on it and lie down, and you will be in deep slumber in no time.

Check out their asses, and you will want to run your hands around, tweaking and twirling those perfect asses cheeks. What else is left? Yes, their breasts and pussies. Breasts are the sign of the womanliness. Perfectly shaped and firm breasts are indicators of a slut ripe for a great round of fucking. Pussies are perfectly maintained, and pussy hairs trimmed to the right length. When they take a dick into their ass, or mouth or pussy, they make sure that you are watching these portions very keenly. They are amazing in getting fucked in the most innovative positions. From sucking a dick suspended upside down, to sucking it from a treadmill, or getting fucked while on a hammock or sucking a dick while standing on her head (in a yoga position), these sluts have amazing stamina to do the unthinkable. Let me also tell you a little secret. They are cum lovers and can go to any extent to please their men to get a taste of hot cum in their mouths, asses and pussies.

Lesbians also feature in these videos, and yes, all lesbians have the same curves and assets that I described above. Oh gosh! What’s happening to you? Are you desperate to see these sluts getting fucked? What about the video? Damn the video description. A description of a curvy chick like this makes you go crazy, so why bother reading the description of a video. You are more interested in watching the video, so you are impatient to hit the subscribe button. Hence, I will not waste any more time and quickly conclude this review.



Curvy sluts are any man’s dream come true. All men would love to see the best curves in their partners. In their fantasies, they jerk-off to only the curviest sluts and bitches. Subscribing to MonsterCurves will help you live these fantasies of fucking the curviest chicks. At an affordable price, and high-quality porn, what more could you ask for? Subscribe for a year and you will never look at another site for all your sexual needs.

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