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Many of the people that I have come across, especially those who are in a relationship, believe that such matters as those of sex should be done in a discreet manner without letting the world know about it. Well, that is not the case with Markus and Nicky who saw it fit to bear it all for all of us to see and enjoy. My Dirty GF therefore, is an amateur website that features said couple engaging in sex. It is a collection of sex tapes taken by the couple featuring the two having fun with each other in their relationship.



It is nice that the site is amateur because it looks so in all aspects. That is not saying that the site looks bad. It is really impressive considering that it is the couple’s website. The members of the site have a very enticing package on offer here. Not only can they watch the couple engage in hot sex, they can also submit their own videos and be porn stars in their own right. The couple could have gone further to add live shows to the mix. That could have made it more awesome because live shows rock. The site is also very user-friendly with the menu set at the top of the videos and the images put in different sections. Also, the videos are dated helping the user or member to identify the newer or the older videos. However, the couple is Russian which is not much of an issue but there are scenes where the couple is making conversation but don’t be worried their actions explains their talk better. All in all, the site is alright and I recommend the webmasters that came up with it.


Girls & Content

I love the fact that the site concentrates on the particular models and so you know well beforehand what to expect. It is rather commendable the amount of content and the different sex scenes and styles that the couple has incorporated for our viewing pleasure. From outdoor scenes, late night action, on the kitchen counter, in the shop, on the floor, in the showers and anywhere else, the couple does not hold anything back. I remember a particular scene that had Nicky in some sexy lingerie all for her boyfriend. The scene started rather slowly with Nicky acting seductively in her sexy red Santa looking garments. Her boyfriend Markus then steps in and helps her touching her as he directs her to his throbbing cock which she sucks with vigor and anticipation. They do several positions and cum together at the end. The videos are not the best quality considering that they have been shot in an amateur fashion, but they are pretty good to look at. The videos run for about 15 minutes each and are exclusive to this site especially considering the couple is not porn stars. The members do not have any restrictions on the number of videos they can download. If they want, they could also watch the videos online through an embedded flash player. The videos only take about 10 seconds to buffer. Apart from the videos, there are photos also that can be downloaded as zipping folders or viewed online as thumbnails.



My Dirty GF is one of the best-done homemade sites in the market right now. I am a porn fanatic and so I know having seen it all. Moving from vague websites done by professionals to something as surreal as My Dirty GF, every penny you will spend here is worth it. I totally recommend the site.

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