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As a man, I have always had fantasies of screwing in an office. It does not matter if it is my coworker, or if it is my boss – I just want to have the pleasure of doing so. Then again, I do not work in a clamped up office and I sure do not have anything close to a coworker, but I can still dream. If you are like me and enjoy the thought of such fetish, then you will find yourself clawing at porn sites that feature the said theme. Office reality porn is one of my most searched themes and I am glad that a lot of adult sites offer them. OfficeObsession is one of those great adult sites that support such matter in hand. They also did a great job in making their site one of the finest ones in the business.

Launched in February 2014 by Mind Geek network, this superb reality porn adult site gives us feels, aimed to our groins, features mind blowing hardcore office sex like no other. A lot of people have been flocking in here and you cannot blame them; this site is absolutely heaven on earth (or in the world wide web). It takes on hardcore sex, uniform fetish, stockings and nylon, and reality porn. With those niches looming on its tail, you are sure to have great fun in here. The site is easily recognizable and it has been mentioned a lot of times by plenty of known porn blogs and magazines. The site itself is extraordinary and the moment you step inside, you know you have come to the right place.

one of the best glamcore porn sites if you're up for stunning workplace porn material



OfficeObsession has a site design that screams elegance and sumptuousness. Their motif is initially something that exudes both and it is pretty good that they stuck to the gracefulness and lushness of their subject. Coming from a pay site that only charges a pretty cheap fee, you would think this site would not live up to its name, but boy are you wrong. The features in here are very satisfactory and if you peruse some more, you would notice how good their user interface is. As I said though, this is a pay site and pay sites will require you to sign up for a membership before you can access any of their content. If you wish to check things out before committing yourself to a more serious type of thing, a trial membership is available for a limited amount of time (two days) and with this one, you can access one or two videos and photo set. If, by any chance, you are done with that, feel free to pore over the rest of the site and enjoy yourself.

The site design is an absolute delight and like I said, it leans on a more elegant note. The color schemes used for this one is black and pink, and they certainly do the site justice. Both user interface and navigation here is user-friendly and very easy to comprehend. The site is organized in ways that make it intensely neat and orderly. Since the navigation here is clear, you will find all the links in obvious places like a top menu bar. This menu bar is located at the very top of the site and consists of links that will help you breeze through things around here. You will mostly find the home page icon, in the shape of a house. Clicking on this will most likely bring you to the main page where you can find a throng of video thumbnails. Clicking on these thumbnails will prompt you to a page where the corresponding video is. Also, each video thumbnail has a percentage rating and a time stamp of how long the said video will last.

Another thing you should take heed in the menu bar on top is the ‘Explore’ button which is basically summed up as a drop down menu. From here, you can access links that will eventually lead you to where the collection of full length films and photo sets are. Right now, the site has 60+ photo sets that essentially houses 180 to 200 individual high resolution photos. The galleries can either be downloaded in zip files, saved individually, or viewed in slideshow mode using your browser. Either way, you will enjoy the 2240 x 1680 photo res. The site has plenty of sorting options including being able to sort out content by the date it was put up or updated, its title, its rating, and its view count. You can also use the pagination link found at the top or at the bottom of the video thumbnails. If you like being more direct, you can use the advanced search bar found on top of the page. You can search videos using keywords. If you feel like this is not enough, do not fret, because with your OfficeObsession membership, you will have free access to four other sites that are under the same network.


Girls & Content

The men and women in OfficeObsession certainly hit the jackpot when it comes to gorgeousness and hotness. Physically, these people are sizzling hot and they do know how to spice things up at this point. Their personalities are jovial and fun, so that adds up to the great atmosphere the videos exude. The scenes these people are getting into are hot and intense. The hardcore scenes consist of different stuff and no two videos are alike, despite the theme going on here. Mostly, you will be seeing girls here wearing some hot uniform, partnered with our favorite nylon and stockings combo. The girls look like they are in their mid-twenties or early thirties, just as the men are. As of now, there are 50+ models in hereThere are 60+ full-length videos that last up to 40 minutes. Some even for an hour. All of these are in HD and can either be downloaded or streamed. Downloading will let you save the files in MP4 or WMV format while streaming will let you watch the video provided that you have an updated Flash player installed. Both can support a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution or a 1280 x 720 one. You can comment and rate the videos, as well as download them without any limit.



I would recommend this to anyone who is into this whole office shenanigan stuff because not only do you get great quantities of good porn here, the quality is amazing. So much potential looms here and maybe in a few months, the collection is going to grow and a greater quality might be precedented. The setting is great and the features are even better. If you like office porn, then this site is going to make you feel good in a lot more ways.

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