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Penthouse is a classic Men’s magazine that went online to reach a wider audience with a greater variation of sex entertainment through stories, hot photos and now has added a videos element in the mix. You are presented with state of the art site tweaks and great HD flicks that make you want to keep watching; if not for the content, the form, or both.

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Penthouse is wrapped in your classic Penthouse colors that stir your imagination and memories. There is a clear focus on user friendliness and satisfaction on Penthouse. I was invited to a home page filled with a host user tools. I could check out the content by sorting through the list of categories or sample a quick summary of the videos and photos in the free preview provided. The extras also come with a model index that you can use to check out your favorite performers and follow their performances across the platform. There are two plans that users can opt for. There is the plan that provides users with 5 videos per day. The second plan offers users unlimited access to all the content on Penthouse.

I loved the exclusive content and the great variety that combines classic entertainment options of Penthouse narratives and the stimulating videos and images presented in HD. The movies are derived from various DVD titles including Screw the Ocean, What are You Wearing and Naughty Nap. Mobile users can check out the content on Penthouse with ease because the platform is fully tweaked for mobile access. Users will love the slideshow that comes with adjustable speed. I used this feature to sample many photos within a short period. There are over 58 stories to check out; although the introductory paragraphs of some popular editions are provided to entice you to purchase or subscribe to a full copy of the online magazine. The video quality is impeccable. I also loved the daily updates that keep you entertained throughout your visit on the platform.


Girls & Content

You are treated to one of the broadest mixes of gorgeous girls on the set. I was impressed with the shooting quality and the sex variety. Unlike the old days when Penthouse could only appeal to your sexual desires with stories and images, they have added tons of erotic movies that feature the prettiest cuties of all time. Your imagination is given a boost with flicks of star models in their nude. Some scenes feature girls in steaming hot lesbian action. The dudes featured are six-pack bulls with muscle and great looks that the girls wet when they spot them.

I also loved the solo performances that feature the cuties exploring their own bodies. One such scene features hot, sexy black cuties with a flowing crop of black hair spreading and inserting a dildo into her pink hole as she savors the pleasure. Her index finger rubs at her cherry as she heaves at every move of her other hand pushing the dildo into the world’s most prized pink hole. Catch up with group sex orgies that feature the cuties going for dudes and fellow girls in an action packed video that will dare your courage to stay calm down there. I couldn’t hold back. I was at the office and was only lucky that the pants I wore then camouflaged the wetness quite convincingly. There is enough to catch up with on Penthouse for months on end. You have over 3730 videos with playback of 20 minutes on average per flick. There are over 5000 galleries with 50 pics in high res per set. Of course, it is inevitable that the much earlier pics come with slightly lower specs.



Penthouse remains a porn powerhouse and, now, does not only titillate men online by a much broader audience. Navigation is smooth. The videos are HD quality. You are presented with the hottest girls from across the globe.

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