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Europe has a lot of pretty girls who are ready to spread their pussies and their asses so that they can be invaded by some huge dick. Interestingly, it is not only the fresh ones who love to fuck, even the older women are itchy and can’t seem to keep their fingers and other objects away from their pussy. To find out about these hot girls and milfs, you will love a site like porncz. This site brings together a host of other sites that feature models old and fresh from around central Europe. If you ever thought girls from central Europe were conservative, then it may be time to change your thinking as you visit porncz.

Porncz is one website you are going to love. From your first visit to the site, you will be hooked completely. You will find girls hitching rides on the road with total strangers only to end up some kilometers along the road fucking this stranger like they have known them for a very long time. The girls have itchy pussies and they will not hesitate to grab the nearest dick to help scratch their itch. They are ready to take it up their asses if that is what you want. You can stretch their ass with the biggest cock ever but you will not see any sign of discomfort on their faces. Instead, they will be begging you to give them more.

Porncz is a site to go when you want to have fun and rid your balls of some accumulated cum. The actions of the girls are sure to turn you on you will be cumming in streams in no time. You will certainly love the many varied categories of porn that are available on the site. If you need to watch older women being fucked by fresh dicks, there is a website for that on the site. If you are more interested in couples fucking in public with no care of whether people may see them, you also have a site for this on porncz. If however, you prefer to watch girls doing solo acts such as masturbating as well as lesbian sex, you will also find it here.

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The website is fairly simple and straight to the point. The header is a simple logo of the site at the top left hand of the page. Any other thing on the landing page has o do with accessing the different sites. As the visitor, you are presented with the different sites on the porncz network. There are 11 of these sites. Each site is focused on a different niche. The sites are arranged in columns as picture links on the landing page. If you want to know more about a site you will have to click on the picture link to be taken to the site. The different sites on the network include CzechHitchhiker, Czechanalsex, Ddelaitwins, Susanayn, Fuckedorfired, Teenfrombohemia, Publicfrombohemia, Amateursfrombohemia, Hornygirlscz, Boysfuckmilfs and Rretroporncz. All of these sites have different niches.

Czechhitchikers is a new site that focuses on fresh Czech girls trying to hitch a ride on a road and ending up getting fucked. Czechanlasex is for those who love anything anal. You will watch as the girls’ asses are stretched by some very huge dicks. In a site like Fuckorfired, it is all about girls looking for jobs and bosses taking advantage of the girls. While the different sites have a simple design, they are well arranged with scenes and models arranged in an orderly manner. Fortunately for users of the site, they can use the site with no problem on mobile devices. The only two tabs you will find on the main website are that for members tologinn and for new members to join. There is however a Twitter button that users can click on to follow the site on Twitter.

Girls & Content

The models on this site are amateurs and most of them hail from central Europe. Their age ranges are different with some as fresh as 20 and other as old as 48. Most of them are slimmed bodied and new to the business. The different sites feature different models. As such you can be sure to meet many different fresh faces on this site. You will meet Susan in the susanayn website. Susan is a modeling agent and she is on the way to starting her modeling agency. For this she needs to cast as many models as possible for her agency. As a good caste, she tests all her new recruits herself.

You will find Susan in videos where she is fucking a very shy guy who came for the casting. You will also find her in videos where she is having hot steam sex with the girls who are looking to become models. All the videos on this site are shot in high definition, so their quality is guaranteed. There is no repeat of content across sites so members can be sure of content that holds their interest for a long time. Depending on the website, the length of the videos may vary. Most often the videos last up to 20 minutes. For the convenience of the users, the videos are available in different formats. This means that when it comes to downloading, a user can choose from the different formats available depending on their circumstances.


Clearly porncz is ahead of its competitors when it comes to the type of websites that they carry. Their websites are in niches that are not all too popular. The fact that they use amateurs is a plus as the scenes look real and believable. Should you join the site? Yes you should most especially if you are a looking for a place where you can find all the quality porn you need. The membership dues are very reasonable compared to the content that comes with it.

PornCZ is no longer available. You can enjoy a similar content on the same network: PornCZMania