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Plenty of us right here have probably had our fair share of messing with sex tapes. It does not matter if they were people we know in real life, celebrities, or anyone else for that matter – sex tapes have always been something that oozes with pleasure. It could be because they hit reality head on or maybe because it is just hot to watch “normal” people getting it on with or without each other’s knowledge. Over the years, this sort of thing has garnered a lot of attention from the masses and it is quite understandable for a lot of porn sites to adapt to the idea; after all, it is a huge hit. Most of the time, this reality-based porn idea is ultimately staged during filming progress, but there are also those that are completely amateur made – take, for example, a sex video from a normal couple in exchange for something, maybe cash or whatever it is that piques their interest.

If that is the kind of play you get off to, you will love every bit of your time in PrivateSexTapes. Yes, as “staged” as the title sounds, it is not. I mean, not in the way you think. This porn site is built from amateur made sex tapes that are submitted by regular couples who would not mind a generous cash incentive as soon as they submit a 7-hour sex tape to the makers of the site. Yes, that is exactly how the site is made. No famous porn stars, no long productions – just pure, unadulterated homemade sex tapes. Launched in June 2011 and is under the WTF Pass network, this reality driven porn site features more than just amateur people; they are into hardcore sex, fetishes, and so much more.

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PrivateSexTapes is not your average ordinary porn site because it delivers more than just the usual pack of sex driven porn stars. It features real couples that have a penchant of filming themselves as they grind and hump over each other for a chance to get their hands on a monetary exchange. It is my first time hearing of such and I think the porn site has a unique twist to reality porn. Nevertheless, I think it is a pretty swell idea and I congratulate the makers of this one of a kind (or maybe not) adult site. The site design that PrivateSexTapes opted for is quite simple and nothing stands out or sticks out in the wrong way. Hidden behind the usual minimalist color scheme, black and white, this circumstantial porn site has kept modesty at bay. It is really good that it seems that way because I always have a hard time taking in heavily designed porn sites.

The navigation is not half bad and most of the links you will be needing are found on a menu bar right on top of the site, just a little below the website’s cheeky banner. You can also log in by inputting your username and password on the space provided a little above the menu bar. Purposefully, below it there is the list of sites that you can access for free with your membership. Do check these out as they come scot-free. They are as hardcore and unique as PrivateSexTapes, so you will not regret anything. The links on top consist of the main page link, the link to their video collections, their model index, and a link to submit your very own tape.

The main page is filled with countless video thumbnails and video caps that contain the title, the season and episode count, along with a detailed narration of what is happening.  There are 400+ photo sets on the site and the photos inside seem to vary in size and quality. Regardless of that, you still get to download them in zip files or just view them online. The model index is a little different than what we have always been accustomed to and probably because the people that make up this porn site are more “real” than the usual. The model index is filled with couples and their details, including their names, their ages, their hobbies, and most of the time, their favorite sexual activities and positions. From there, you can access their homemade sex tape, their photo set, and the rest of the extra and bonus that come along. There are a few sorting options that will allow you to sort out the content by dates, titles, popularity, ratings, and the number of times it was viewed and featured. There is no advanced search bar, but you can make use of the pagination link to make your browsing a little lighter. If, by any chance you are into submitting your very own sex tape, you can do so by following the links and the instructions. It is quite easy if you ask me.


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The people that make up this porn site are amateur couples or partners that have a penchant for filming themselves while they screw each other. There is a huge catch after they submit it, but I have to admit, a huge deal of these sex videos are way magnificent. Right now, there are 400+ scenes on the site and they are usually snippets that last for 20 minutes or more. A seven-hour video is cut piece by piece to make a collection of some sort. It is then uploaded slowly into the site, one by one, labeled in seasons and episodes. You also do not have to wait very long till the next update because it comes almost right away after the former was posted. It is something unique, and I love it. The scene qualities may vary, but a large number of these videos are in clear and crisp quality, with a 1920 x 1080 to 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. You can download the scenes as much as you want in MP4 format or AVI. The bit rates differ but the downloading is a cinch. You can also stream them in your browser as much as you want. There is no download limit and the content here is exclusive. You may also leave comments on the videos or rate them.



With the size of this site, you will be immersed in it for days, weeks, or even months, and by the way, the updates move along speedily, you will never run out of great jerk off materials. The quality is superb and the features are great. The site is unique and the bonuses are something you should also look forward to. I would totally recommend it to everyone who enjoys reality porn or just even porn in general.

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