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The website Real Girls Gone Bad is a forum which provides you unlimited fun and action from some of the wildest parties which you will come across. The videos are clear and in full HD formats and mainly feature sweet girls from different demographics bringing out their wild natures. You all have attended parties with your friends and girlfriends but the wildness and the outrageousness which you will come across in some of the videos will be unheard of. Yes folks, they are fun, intense and also mind-boggling at times. One thing to note here is that these girls are not porn stars and neither do they have any skills at acting or seducing their partners. But when the cameras start rolling and the party goes late into the night, you will be amazed at the mannerisms of these girls. They will be stripping down their clothes, slurping down beer, champagne or whatever is offered in the house to get completely stoned and dance around with their friends or partners.

You will also find girls getting soaked in sweat, beer, champagne thereby making their sexy figures all the more noticeable. Some will also oblige and remove their uppers for the sake of the occasion. There are plenty of actions which you will also find in the videos. These girls will also be seen hopping upon large cocks and enjoying intercourse amidst all and sundry. Some will also be seen giving deep throat BJS and then taking cum load which is fired at their faces or over their breasts. Masturbating and strip tease will also be seen occurring in the videos. I for one was blown away with the intensity of the contents. They appear so real that for once I actually felt that the entire thing is taking place right in front of me.

The video as well as the picture are superb in its resolution. They are shot with advanced cameras and even the slightest noises and the incidents are properly covered. Another thing which I found to be most impressive was the fact that the website gets constant additions to its collection. This to me is extremely important for any website as it means that the website has a bright future. The website I believe has over 350 photo gallery and about 250 + videos. I did find the contents to be a bit repetitive but the hard core action which took place inside left me completely surprised.

The website mainly focuses on providing quality in their materials and that is what they do. In fact you will have to give credit to the site for keeping the contents realistic. However there were a couple of things which I did not like. Firstly the design of the site is way too simple and the second thing was that the website does not allow you to download the videos. This is in fact one of the biggest blunders of the website especially considering the kind of videos which it has, viewers would want to download it and keep it on their desktop as a priced possession, but unfortunately they cannot.

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The website as just stated is simple in its design. It comprises of a white background and is nowhere as it should be in comparison to the rest of the available websites in the realm. However with the number of materials on the website, the white background does make it more appealing to the eyes. As you browse through the website, there are quite some videos lined. Each section comprises of its separate set of videos. Below the videos there is a short description which states which occasion this video was taken.

The homepage also has a search engine which allows you to search for the videos which appeal to you. Plus along with that the website also offers you a free tour enabling you to check the contents of the website before even applying for membership. About the membership, you will find a registration option which on clicking will take you to the sign-up page. There you will find some blank options asking for your information. Simply enter the information in the right spots and submit the request. Instantly the website will send out a confirmation notification stating the status of your account and as that is received your account tenure will be activated. The registration mind you are free of cost.

Girls & Content

One of the star attractions of the website is their number of girls. These girls are not just beautiful but have fiery instincts, and as the party goes late into the night, the true nature of these girls comes to the fore front. They will be seen flashing their boobs of lifting their skirt to give the people present a good glimpse of their G spots. These girls are not professional porn girl but are real girls but the kind of things they do in the videos it is really difficult to find any difference. They are so good with their dance moves, their seductive mannerisms, the way they feast on large and cum-filled cocks and the way they groove on those cocks along with the sound of music is worth watching.

As far as the quality of videos is concerned, it is also mostly in HD formats. The older videos might be in lesser resolutions, but they still make way for great viewing. The pics are also great in clarity and crispness and do provide good viewing. If you want to watch the videos, you will have to watch it streaming it live as the website does not offer any download facilities. The updates, however, are great, and the website regularly gets stuffed with some seriously good stuff.


The Real Girls Gone Bad website is your one stop solution to wild party videos. It has some of the most intense party videos which you will ever come across.

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