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There are innumerable porn sites that have grown by leaps and bounds, ever since the Internet became a reality a couple of decades ago. Most porn sites can be divided into free sites and paid sites. Paid sites have maintained their relevance by updating their content with newer videos and photos, and have survived the onslaught of new sites. However, the relevance of many of the older sites is at stake because technology has led to the introduction of sites that are offering virtual reality based porn, or VR porn. VR porn allows you watch porn in a new and unique way, using VR goggles, also known as VR gear. The most commonly used VR goggles include Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, or even convert your existing smartphone into a VR gear with appropriate tools.

A few new sites have cropped up over the last year to provide you VR porn, and RealityLovers is one of them. RealityLovers is a beautiful site that helps you experience porn like never before. Using the VR gears, you can watch the porn videos of RealityLovers in 3D, with 180° range of view and in binaural sound. This gives you a very realistic porn experience that you cannot forget for the rest of your lives.

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There is no denying that RealityLovers is a very beautiful site. If you don’t trust us, then you should visit the site, and I am confident that you will second my thoughts. The design follows the latest trends in website design, with an ultra-sexy image of two naked sluts licking each other’s tongues. This image shown is watermarked, so that you can see the text on top. The top left is where you will find the RealityLovers logo while on the right, you have the important tabs that take you to specific parts of the site, like the Home, Join, Blog, Help and Login. I liked the blog feature of this site a lot, not because I like blogging, but because this was the first porn site that I have seen having this feature. I visited this page, and boy, wasn’t I surprised with what I saw! I thought that the blog section was a forum for porn stars and porn lovers to share their thoughts, but it turned out to be more than this. You can find news reports, articles about the site as featured in various forums, the girls who model for this site, and a tutorial as to how to use this site. This is a very useful feature, especially when technology is involved.

There are five videos on the home page, and you can view all the videos that this site features in over a dozen pages. Totally, there are 66 such videos, and the site updates twice a week, regularly. In fact, you will find the next couple of releases and their dates at the top of the site, above the video list. Each video has about 10 thumbnail photographs, a title, a brief description and the name of the porn star featured in it. On subscribing, you can watch the entire video, but for now, you should be contended with a trailer of the video. The trailer runs for about a couple of minutes but will give you an idea of what to expect in the video. When you watch the video, you will also realize what is 3D, because the video is stretched back, and there is a mild curvature of the entire sequence of frames.

The Help tab takes you to a page which will help you to use different VR gears to watch the porn. Currently, the help section covers Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard. Last, but not least, let us check the affordability of this site. If you think this will burn a hole in your pocket, think twice. Trust me, this is a very affordable site, and you will not find any other site so affordable. You can opt for a prepaid or a recurring plan. Prepaid plans work on a per video basis, and you can choose from paying for a video, for three or for five videos. Recurring plans are offered at monthly, quarterly or annually. Annual plans are the best and will help you save significant money. The site is also nominated for the 2017 AVN Awards at Las Vegas.


Girls & Content

The pornstars featured on this site are superb. Well, superb is still an understatement. The chicks are today’s porn stars. They know how to perform to the exact specification as desired by the directors and cameramen. And mind yourself, recording a video of a slut sucking a man’s dick, from his perspective is very difficult, as you will see when we explain a video. The range of vision is seen from your perspective, so when the chick sucks a dick, you feel that she is sucking your dick. The sluts have very well-maintained bodies. Right from their complexion, their gait, their confidence, their breasts, nipples, waist and navel, pussy and ass, and even their legs and armpits. These sluts are true sex goddesses who love to be fucked in many ways and enjoy the hard fucking they get in front of the camera.

The chicks are diverse. I found a few Latinas, a couple of ebonies, numerous Americans and Europeans on this site. There are dark-haired chicks, blondes, redheads, brunettes, and many others. Some of them are experts in lesbian shows, while some are solo performers. Others prefer hardcore threesomes while still other bitches prefer the plain, old couple sex. Videos are as diverse as the chicks. This was one site that had all kinds of videos under one umbrella, including maledom, femdom, lesbian, solo, threesomes, and couple sex.

I liked the voyeur video involving Alexis Crystal. You are in Alexis’ home as she has invited you and your friend, who happens to be her boyfriend, for lunch. Things take a nasty turn when Alexis gets into the mood and decides to give her boyfriend a blowjob in the kitchen. Initially, you are unaware of what is happening, but when you hear moans, you tiptoe to the kitchen and are surprised watching the sex unfolding before your eyes. Soon, the blowjob leads to one heck of an insane and explosive sex between the two. Alexis is fucked in the cowgirl position and doggy style, till she screams and moans in pleasure. The icing on the cake is when she gets a hot cum facial. And in the process, you end up jerking hard.



This is one explosive site that you are sure to subscribe to. If you do not have a VR gear, then rush to your nearest store to purchase one. If you don’t have one, then see if you can convert your Android, iOS phone to a VR goggle. With affordable subscription rates, amazing VR porn and a wide variety of sluts to choose from, there should be no room for complaints. So, without thinking for another minute, hit Join to experience the best VR porn.


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