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There maybe hundreds of porn categories out there but when it comes to the casting couch category, nothing comes close to the top rated and number adult website Russian Fake Agent! Recorded in lovely Russian cities featuring svelte, fresh, and horny Russian ladies, this adult website is bound to make you hard with all the shenanigans that a fake agent would pull just to grab a piece of ass.

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Private Network’s newest and hottest casting couch type of adult website Russian Fake Agent is here for all to see. As their website name implies, the basic premise of Russian Fake Agent is about a middle-aged man posing as a talent scout in random cities in the cold but lovely Russia. Armed with his confidence, charm, and a handheld camera, the “talent scout” searches for new talents in the city but stumbles upon fresh and nubile girls who look like they’re slightly inexperienced. After talking to them for a couple of minutes, he entices them with the promise of fame since he is a talent scout. Technically they aren’t lying because he will make them famous, just not how they are hoping it to be!

I’ve seen my fair share of casting couch porn, but this is top-notch. Putting the aspiring starlets and their videos aside, there are many reasons as to why Russian Fake Agent has caught my attention. I want to discuss a few of their main features that differentiate Russian Fake Agent from all of the other adult videos websites. Their Model Index was a quaint surprise. For a “reality” TV like the website, they seem to keep track of their women in an orderly catalog along with some eye-popping galleries of them. It may not seem impressive now, but combined with their unlimited streaming and downloading, it’s fantastic combination that will lead to a very productive weekend.

I was expecting the prices for the membership would cost an insane amount of money but I was completely shocked to see that it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. To compare, it is even cheaper to buy a year’s worth of access than eating a meal at any fast food joint. Personally, I think the price plays a big factor especially when I found out that you’re getting bonus websites. I’m shocked as to hear this as well, but if you sign up for membership, you get access to Private’s sister websites such as Anal Introductions, Black On Sluts, and 8 more adult websites. All 10 websites are for free with no strings attached. Features aside, the girls and the videos are the biggest factors that caught my attention.



Girls & Content

I had my suspicions that the girls in these videos were hired actresses who wanted their big break, but I was surprised to find out these were honest to God normal girls found in the streets of Russia. They had the typical aspiring porn star body, but not a single one of them were popular porn stars, not even a D-list celebrity, not even a Google search of them. What’s even better is some of these girls are made to think the fake agent is a real talent scout and suggests that they take still or studio photos of them. Sometimes it gets steamy during these studio photo shoots, but most of the time it’s during the “interview” process that they get down and dirty. To throw their suspicions off, the fake agent operates a la lone wolf. The videos are all recorded in high definition, which is an amazing feat from the fake agent.

The videos most begin with curt and cute interview questions and the fake agent asks something along the lines of , “will you do anything for fame?”, if the girls would say yes, he would ask them to prove it by undressing. Several hesitate, but other warily undress, he then proceeds to ask them to show the camera their wet pussy, suck his hard cock and much, much more. Uploaded along with the videos are picture galleries of these girls. Since these pictures are free for downloading, you can either select individual pictures and download them manually or download each photo gallery wrapped in a ZIP file (which can be unzipped later). The collection is rather small at the moment but I am pleased to hear that they update their network often and in case I get bored, I can at least access the other websites because why have one dish when you can have the whole buffet?



Before we tell you what my final thought are, I would like to quickly summarize this review in order to help consider all the necessary qualities that Russian Fake Agent has to offer. They have a couple of notable features I would like to highlight such as their unlimited streaming and downloading privileges, quality videos and even higher quality pictures. They have unique and quality content that has reasonable membership rates of one, three, and twelve months plans. To top it all off, being a member of Russian Fake Agent it will give you bonus access to their sister websites such as Anal Introductions, Black On Sluts, and 8 more websites for free. Considering these qualities, I would overall give Russian Fake Agent a five out of five stars. My advice is to sign up for their email newsletter since they tend to give out from 10 up to 30% discounts on membership as well as a couple of bonus items that vary from time to time.

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