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What is better than watching sex on the internet? Watching live sex shows, that is what. Yes, it may sound ridiculous at first because why would you be watching “live” sex shows on the web anyway? Well, as far off as it sounds, it is a pretty neat thing – and unique too. It excites me, even more, when I think that these sexual activities are committed in front of hundreds of people. Imagine that: the general public watching your every move as you lay yourself bare in front of the cameras and everyone else in the vicinity. These people watching you grind your way through a multitude of cocks, pussies, and toys. As viewers, it certainly is something out of the ordinary and very well worth watching. This is exactly what Scandal On Stage brings you. Managed by porn mogul ExtremeMovieCash, Scandal On Stage is well-versed in the art of public sex and the likes.

The “pornstars” here are into strip teasing, fucking, licking, playing with toys, anal, cunnilingus, and everything else in between; although it may sound like the usual theme for most porn sites, this one differs from the rest because all these acts are done on stage, with a live audience viewing it. Amidst the wows, the applauses, the jeers, and the cheers, you might as well have an ear out for the orgasmic moans of both men and women as they reach the peak of their sexual activities. These men and women do not shy away from the live limelight and they have no reason to! Everyone came to watch them do the dirty, naughty deed. Before anything else, this is not something “staged” (again, with my puns) for the cameras. This is a real, authentic live show with real live audiences that enjoy the experience. I might inquire someday where I would find tickets for these glorious shows because I would want to be part of the group of people who get to witness these live.

Scandal On Stage is a real treat and features tons of European chicks and studs that love to fuck in front of the public eye. The girls love strip teasing, getting fucked from behind, fingered, and toyed with pleasure toys – there is also room for a little bit of rough lesbian sex. Overall, the cameras are just there to record and are used as a tool to present to us people who were not able to join the live crowd when this happened. I say, it is quite a generous act and I would love to take the offer of watching these live shows online. Maybe one day, I would be able to join the multitude of people and watch a real one in person. As of now, I will lust after the virtual version of this incident.



Scandal On Stage has this party theme going on in their website design. It ultimately captures the essence of its site title and I find that rather entertaining and thoughtful. Despite the mirage of colors banged up, the entirety of the site is very easy to manage and very user-friendly. The interface is amazing and everything else goes along with it. For the most part, you will have to be a premium member to be able to access the remainder of the site. Sadly, there are no trial versions available, so you will have to go straight to being an actual subscriber of the site. This is a pay site, so yes, a secured payment is needed. Do not fret though, every single penny you spend will be worth it. When you have subscribed to the site, you will immediately be prompted to the main page (or the home page, as some would call it) and then you will see the huge banner on top that flickers once in a while, featuring different type of collages, with photos that serve as a preview of what you will likely be seeing inside. Below that are the links you need to take note of but do not need to decipher much since they are self-explanatory.

You have the Home button which will take you to the main page, the Photos button which will navigate you to where the photo sets are, the Movies button where you will see the hottest previews and scenes that the site provides. A Bonus Sites button is also present: this is where you can access the extra sites that come free with your Scandal On Stage membership. There are tons of extra sites from under the same network and with your sole membership, you can access thousands of different porn videos that are equally as hardcore but differently themed. The site also allows you to do different things like comment on scenes and photos, as well as rate them. There is no model index or video descriptions present though. The updates are happening weekly and the site has been growing at a wonderful rate ever since.


Girls & Content

Scandal On Stage showcases tons of European men and women of different descents. When you hear them beyond all the jazzed up music from the videos, you will notice how they come from different parts of Europe. There are no subtitles, though, but who needs all that when you are enjoying the show quite thoroughly? The site has around 250+ scenes present, as well as 150+ photo sets. Although not all high definition, the videos can be either be watched or downloaded in a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution most of the time. The older ones may have lower resolutions but are still pretty decent, plus, there aren’t much of these “old” videos. The average length of each scene is 25 minutes, sometimes less. The content is exclusive despite the large number but there are no download limits. You may be able to watch the scenes in your browser with a Flash player or download them in MP4 format.



Scandal On Stage has a high amount of videos and scenes, as well as photos and photo sets. The majority of these are of very good quality, most even in high definition and HD resolution. Updates are rolling in faster than a speeding train, so the site’s growth is showing.

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