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There are so many hot girls in the world. They don’t necessarily have to be pornstars to be considered as models, to be seen as hot. They just have to be their hot selves, pose in front of the camera, take a snapshot, and that hot moment is saved in the web for eternity. Now, imagine if these girls are naked! They’re already hot enough, throw in the naked show and boom! Hotness level is maxed. They’re just going to be so hot that people won’t be able to resist them. Take a snapshot again, and you’re set. You’re gonna see all of that hotness that will be stored in Self-Shot! It’s the perfect site when you want to see the hottest photos of the hottest amateur girls who post their pics to share their hotness! You don’t have to listen or read this, you can check it out yourself! Prepare for the hotness!

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Self-Shot is one of those sites that mainly features pics. That’s where it got its name. Self-Shot shows all of those fancy shots right from the get-go, and you can see all of the good qualities of the site there. It’s enough easy to navigate this way too. Once you see a girl that you’ve taken a liking to because, well, she’s hot, then you can go for it by clicking on her photo and you’re gonna see all her photos as well as her videos, if she “self-shotted” any of herself. Another interesting fact is that they only approve the pics of real people, which means that any imaginary people based on fake accounts will be quickly rooted out by the system. How do they do this? Well, the site mentions that it uses Twitter to know if the person that is a real person or simply a fake account. It’s a funny way to confirm, as social media is not the most reliable way to know if that person’s identity is real, but hey, it’s better than nothing, right? They might have been just using other people’s photos, but at least they got something to go on and compare or something.

One thing to note is that this site is a site that uses membership, which means that you have to be a member to see all of the pics of these hot amateurs. To do this, you can click on the little button that says “Sign-up” that’s with the group of buttons that are below the big logo of Self-Shot, or you can also use that blue button on the right side of the site that’s aligned horizontally with the big Self-Shot logo. It’s there you can see all those requirements for the sign-up. Still, you’re getting a lot of freebies after you join. First off, you’re gonna get a pass for 12 more sites that also features hot amateur girls. That’s what you get for just registering yourself for 1 site! Imagine 12 sites worth of hot amateur girls! You’re gonna love that. But most importantly, you get access to the site Self-Shots. After getting inside, you’re gonna see all the videos and pics that are given out by these amateurs! These horny and flashy amateurs are going to be a feast for our eyes, that’s for sure!


Girls & Content

All the girls that are featured on this site are real, hot amateurs. No pornstars, no fake accounts, none of all that crap. All that are on the site are these really hot girls that are real and confirmed on Twitter. This is the premise of the site, which is rather appealing especially to those who want their porn experience to be as close to reality as possible or something. Regarding the quality of those pics, you just see that those pics are the pics that you usually see when you see people getting a pic of themselves in front of the mirror using a digicam or the cams from their phones. It’s that, giving off a “real” feel. That’s all there is to it.

Also, you’re going to see photosets of these girls. Don’t take my word for it, try and look the site up for yourself to see that they are hot girls. Pretty yummy. You can see these photo sets of these girls by clicking the pic that shows the girl. Some of these can contain less than ten photos, but some can also reach up to more or less 400-500 photos, so there are also really large collections. These girls might have been feeling pretty crazy or something, so they got those going. That’s a real plus to me. Also, there are some videos on the site too. Some of those videos are pretty short, spanning only seconds, and some are quite alright, getting over 10 minutes or something. Most of these videos show the girls doing some very sexy stuff, like stripping, teasing and masturbating. They show how the amateurs do it, and they do it really hot. Damn, those guys who see these really hot amateurs sure are lucky.



You can be lucky too! All you have to do is to join Self-Shot now, so you can see all those girls’ photos and everything! This site is made by AllOfGfs, a really good company that has featured tons of other stuff that’s all about those amateur girls. They really bust their heads and shown really innovative stuff this time. For being a site that shows innovative stuff like designing the site just like Instagram as well as featuring those hot girls that do hot stuff, I’d give it style points and give it 8 or 9 out of 10 points. It’s not perfect, but hey, nothing is perfect, and you should give credit to where it is due, so yeah, check it out.

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