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SquirtingOrgies is a place where all the squirting fun happens. This is somewhat of a narrow niche site, but anybody into hardcore porn will love it. It offers some of the most intense fuckings around, all bundled up in an orgy and wrapped up with squirting, lots of it.

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The site doesn’t offer anything wildly new in its layout, but it does the job properly and shows you nice and clear pages from where you can easily navigate and rummage through the action. Visuals are rich here as they are always flashing a squirting scene almost everywhere on the site be it the background, the videos or the header/footer area. It is a nice change from the minimalistic design of other sites and gives you a nice welcome and a reminder as to exactly where you are. Colors are a bit mixed up, but it appears that the primary is color is blue with some differentiation in shades. Navigation is made easy and you don’t have to search endlessly through porn videos you just don’t care about. Present are all main features like the search bar, tags, related videos, top videos and featured. The site does have its mobile version so you don’t have to worry about that, you can view it on Androids, tablets, and iPhones.


Girls & Content

For the most part, we should only be concerned about the squirts and the quality of them, but here we will begin talking about another surprisingly great aspect of this website, its girls. The girls here are above the average looking squirters and they some to be in for a lot of great fun and action. As crazy as they are hot they perform up to the task and above it, as here you can view squirts showers. I would have never thought that somebody would take orgies and squirting and put them up on a site, well apparently they have done that. Not only that, but they have done that well, here you have live shows and it is displayed when is the next live show coming.

Girls on this site are professional looking and professional performing. Duration is varied but it goes around 40 minutes per scene, so they can bring that action to their peaks as they should. Videos are shot well, there isn’t interference and the videos themselves look good. The sets are somewhat plain and non-distracting. Video formats are MP4, some in full HD, some in 720p, 480p or 240p, then there is the WMV with 480p and 240p, streaming player is Flash and you can move through the video. There is a collection over 120 squirting orgy videos, so you have to consider that while looking at the collection. There are over 35 galleries with 200 pics each. Mostly comprised of girls naked, posing and stuff like that.

The important thing is that you can check it out with your trial membership so don’t take us by word. The trial lasts for two days and then naturally extends itself. There is the monthly recurring option, the tri-month option and the one year one, which is also recurring. If you choose to become a member of this truly different site you get access to other great sites with over 4.000 videos in total and around 500,000 pictures as well. Sites include Throated, where blowjobs are taken to the next level, 1000Facials is a bukkake centered site sure to leave those girls that cum stained, and more bonus sites.



In retrospect, this is something that any respectable orgy loving squirt fan should not miss. Not a lot of scenes, but the scenes that are there last enough, plus there are the live shows and all that sprinkled with heavy hardcore ramming. Squirting Orgies is your place for all the wild, crazy fun. With a lot of bonus sites and even more videos, this place will have you hooked up for a long time.

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