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SuperRamon is a wonderful tranny porn site. A member of the famous Trans500 network, the site features heavily hung stud Ramon helping trannies with his huge monster dong truly fucking their tight asses. The star of the site is truly well-hung with his truly huge cock stuffed into a tight-fitting green bodysuit emblazoned with a big capital ‘R’ on the front.

He is helped in fulfilling the trannies’ fantasies in some scenes by a black sidekick who is also endowed with a monstrous dick that threatens to tear right through his matching costume. The true heroes of the scenes always end up being the hot, horny, sexy and wild shemales that get fucked by both of their monster cocks. Some trannies are just as courageous as they are gorgeous because it takes a lot of courage to take on just one of such monstrously huge dicks, talk less of the two super studs’.

The site features truly beautiful knockouts mostly from the Caribbean and Latin America who are popular for their incredibly sexy bodies that feature the hottest butts, the sweetest boobs, and the most strikingly pretty faces. This is an in-depth review of the quality site. The review is intended to assist you in making an informed decision in the end. It will help you to know the most amazing features that will make you join the site.

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SuperRamon has one of the best designs and a truly great functionality too. The creators of the site have kept it simple and at the same time, they have been able to make the web page look truly attractive. The color scheme used is brilliant. The colors that have been used are white and orange. The white is the color that is used as the background color and orange is used to add a burst of color to the website. The colors really go well together and even with the theme of the site. You might think that the website appears too simple but since all the content has taken the forefront, it makes it unique and great to look at.

The layout of the site has been very well implemented too. You will notice, as soon as you enter the website, a slideshow which awaits you as soon as you hit enter on your device. The models you will see in the slideshow will surely make your cock stand up rock hard. You’ll see Super Ramon fucking them in different positions. On top of this, you will also see the various social media links such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Apart from this, you will see links to different parts of the website like home, videos, exclusive sites, live cam and TS models. All the models that are featured on the site have a dedicated page to themselves so that it becomes truly easy to find the models and check out any of the videos they have starred in.

So, if you have a particular one that you love watching, then all you have to do is to click on the model. They even have 500 Live where the models participate in live shows just for you, if you are craving something more spontaneous, that is. The site features its movies in HD with some scenes even coming in full HD. You also get about 20 galleries of hi-res images you can go through for your entertainment and enjoyment.


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Let us talk about the most important part of the review, which is details of all the truly hot and horny shemales that the site has in its kitty ready to thrill all users. All the sexy t-girls have the hottest asses that you have ever seen. All the trannies are so sexy and slutty that they will promptly make your cock stand up rock hard. The trannies that are featured on the site are mostly from Columbia or Brazil. Most of the hottest and sexiest beauties in the world are from there and these trannies are no less indeed. If you have watched any kind of tranny porn then you will know names like Nikolly Gaucha, Chanell, Foxxy etc. All these trannies know how to really take a good pounding in their ass. And not just that, they really know how to give the best blowjobs that you have ever seen. They suck on that massive cock so easily and eagerly that you will be astounded and you will be cumming in no time.

The trannies offered by the wonderful site all love Ramon’s meatloaf. It is amazing how such a skinny ass individual could be loaded with such a big dick. Well, the exciting thing is that the sugar rod truly serves the purpose meant for it. It gets all those slutty shemales moaning, gyrating and throwing back their heads as they pass through the throes of their most intense climaxes. The intensity of these sexually arousing scenes will surely leave you ejaculating into your pants too. The site is packed full of lengthy HD porn videos that blend horny sexual heat with fun. The lengthy movie scripts are mostly so hilarious that you will be laughing your head off while stroking yourself at the same time. This makes them even more enjoyable and much more entertaining. The stud just wrecks havoc in all places he goes to, and he also wrecks a lot of tranny fuck holes in the process as well.



To find a website which has exclusive videos like this, with great production values is hard especially when it comes to tranny porn. And SuperRamon truly takes it to a whole new level. All the videos featured on the site are kinky and will make you cum in no time. All the trannies are truly sexy, hot and horny too. You get HD quality porn and, along with the subscription to just SuperRamon, you also get access to the other websites from the Trans 500 network. Isn’t that the best deal that you have ever heard? So, you should join this website to ensure that all your cock’s needs are taken care of.

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