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Who needs breakfast in the morning when the sperms on swallowed are ready to ensure that your tummy is full beyond belief! Yes, you guessed it right. This is a site that promises you the best of entertainment and ensures that it gives you every reason to sign up to it. Swallowed is a dime a dozen and as such, you can rely on it for the very best of coital pleasures. All you have to do is ask these girls to say ‘Aaaaa’ and they will open wider than the deepest pit. They will show you their commitment to suck you dry and needless to say, you will highly appreciate it.

99% of men love blowjobs and this is how you know that you will always have a blast on Swallowed. The site indulges you in all manner of pleasurable moments, leading you to believe that a twosome is not the way to enjoy a blowjob instead, threesomes and foursomes are the way to go. However, the action is amazing and as such, we are not complaining. We all know that our interests are put first and that Swallowed is here for us. If you love watching girls sucking on hard cocks, then you are in luck because the slutty fresh faces on this porn site never stop. They indulge you to the kind of scandalous action that you will never get tired of. The oral deep throat fucking is everything that you have ever desired and more. The name of this site should be changed to ‘cum feast!’…Just thinking out loud!

Swallowed is an oral site that is worth paying for. Because of this reason and much more, it has turned out to be a fan favorite since its inception. The truth is that there is nothing more enjoyable than watching gorgeous girls going balls-deep using their mouths on big, hard dicks. As a top pick for most pleasurable experience, Swallowed has proven what we already know, that there is nothing better than a hard fuck. Do not be afraid to drop your pants and join in the sexiness by masturbating.

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Swallowed prides itself in the top-notch provision of sexy scenes that will give you the kind of enjoyment that you need. The quality of the content is a rare genre and as such, you will be able to make the most of the entire collection and all that it has to offer. The site is drenched in great looking full HD videos that truly focus on the topic. It does not deviate from the kind of great entertainment that it promises you. The videos on Swallowed are quite long but not to the point of boredom. If anything, you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen. You will be delighted by all of their antics on screen. The pictures are automatically captured screenshots of the videos and as such, you will be able to re-live the pleasurable moments through the galleries as well as the scenes.

The members’ area is truly clean as well as easy to navigate. It is straight forward and you will not be able to experience any challenges while navigating the portal. Swallowed has an active update schedule that ensures you will be enjoying a steady stream of new flicks at all times. Just to make it clear, the site is specifically focused on blowjobs and does not deviate from this! The model index is particularly interesting as it introduces you to all kinds of beauties. The models may be fresh, but they are truly sexy, letting you relish in all that they have to offer. While there isn’t a search page on Swallowed, you will not experience any difficulty in finding exactly what you are looking for. The site offers the best of cum pleasure.


Girls & Content

The kind of chemistry that you will be able to encounter with the models that you will see on Swallowed is truly untold. You will not be able to get enough of all the sexiness that you see on screen. All of them are naughty and as such, you will be delighted by all of the sexiness that they portray on screen. The models indulge in threesomes and foursomes, proving that they are ready to take you to cloud nine and back. The models have a confidence that you will most definitely envy. They believe in their skills and that is exactly why they will do anything to ensure that you are truly entertained. Blondes and brunettes dominate this platform and as such, you will be able to have the most fun. This is not to say that there are no redheads to be seen. In fact, you will be able to see the latter dominate one or two cocks.

When two beauties share a cock, one tackles the head while the other proves why the balls are the most sensitive parts of man’s private parts. When you meet the models, some are nude while others have gone out of their way to pick out the sexiest outfits. Whether they are gagging or drooling, these beauties will always have a smile on their faces. This means that they are simply enjoying all that they are doing. The use of saliva on Swallowed is essential and the models will prove that they will not hold back. They ensure that they lubricate the cocks accordingly and as such, you will not be disappointed in any way. These are the perfect girls to get the job done. They will make you cum.



Swallowed has proven that as far as oral sex is concerned, you will not be able to get enough of what the collection has to offer. Whether you want to enjoy a blow bang, threesomes, deep throat action or all that lies in between, this site has you covered. There is also lots of spitting and face fucking that is also ready to delight you. Sign up and find out what lies in store for you.

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