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One of the finest hardcore porn sites, Take Van is everything that you need to get in some hardcore HD videos. You may have heard a lot of scenes where pick up and fuck are the concepts and sometimes these can get pretty mainstream. Take Van, on the other hand, is a one of a kind hardcore xxx site that you will surely enjoy if you are looking for hardcore and reality porn.


the greatest public porn website if you like awesome czech hardcore flicks



I admired the minimalistic and simple web design of the site. It is designed in a way that it is user-friendly and very convenient to use. The site is also mobile friendly, so you won’t have any troubles viewing it from your mobile devices. Aside from that, the navigation is also very easy to understand. On the top part of the site, you will see the main menu which contains the important links that will help you get through the site like the Home button, the Pickups button, the Sites button and the contact us button. Slightly above it is the logout button. The site also has an advanced search bar where you can easily look for a specific item on the site. It is also possible to sort out the videos through the date it was added, title, and popularity.

The body of the page is where you can find the recently uploaded videos and the ones that are yet to be uploaded. The homepage alone already gives you an idea what to expect from the site’s collection. A screenshot from some interesting parts of the video, the video title, and some information like the pickup date, the pickup time, the pickup location and a summary of the video can be seen on this page. However, you cannot see much from it unless you visit the scenes page. Link to this page can be found right next to the model’s index link. Speaking of the model’s index, this section of the site is where you can find information about the porn stars that are featured in the video.

In this page, you will find the girl’s portrait picture and the name. I know these information are quite lacking but who the hell can provide a full biography of a girl that he just picked up? Anyway, moving on to the other features of the site, there are also bonus sites that you can tour. These sites can be found in the “Our Sites” section of the site. The following are the sites that you can find here: TeenyPlayground, My First Public and Fake Shooting. Take note that even though theses sites can be found in the bonus section of Taking Van, this does not mean that you can access these sites for free even though you are a member. Anyone still needs to join the network so tat they can have access to the sites.

There are also bonus archives that you can get though. Through these, you can have additional videos whenever you need more hardcore action from the site. We’ve seen some loopholes in every reality porn site. And that is they don’t want to spend extra for the production. However, Take Van is a different story. I have seen that they’re producing high-quality contents and so far it’s the only site that I’ve seen such dedication in their output. One thing that I also like is that the site puts an effort to place an English subtitle in its videos since the actresses are from the Czech Republic.

There are currently more than 76 scenes in the site’s collection but I’m pretty sure this won’t be the final count since the site is still very active in giving out regular updates. These videos run for a good 30 minutes each. Downloading or streaming the videos wills till giving you a high resolution of 1920×1080. If you are going to download the video, expect it to be in an MP4 format. The videos don’t come along with a photo set but it still has screenshots that you can save in your devices. However, keep in mind that there is a daily download limit on the site. Unless you can’t wait for the next day, you have to carefully select the videos that you want to download for the day.


Girls & Content

Although there is a model’s index, you cannot rely on it if you want to get to know a specific model. Pretty sure the girls in Take Van are all amateur porn stars. These girls are all Czech and as well as the guys that pick them up. I have seen a bunch of pretty girls that are fucking worthy. They also have a great body and despite the fact that they have to fuck at the back seat of the van, they could still manage to pull it off.

These Czech beauties are rocking the hardcore porn category. I am not quite sure though if the scenes are staged or not but I guess it doesn’t matter because they were all natural and very flawless. The scenes start with the guys inside the van discussing who to pick up. Then it’s either they call them or they pull over and ask them. Surprisingly, these girls are all horny enough to accept the offer and that’s when the hot steamy sessions start.



Take Van is a great site if you want some real hardcore porn. The videos that they have here are different from other hardcore scenes because they are reality porn which means that they’re not staged sex scenes, or well at least that’s how they want us to think. The quality is also excellent and as well as the site. There are also archived videos that you can enjoy. The site does not have free sites that come along with the membership but it is still worth every bucks.

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