Our opinion on Ten




Ten feels more like a mammoth porn site run by some very fine webmasters and production crew. Right from the outset, you get the aura of high professionalism when interacting with the site and its content. The mega site fans out to finely niche-oriented sites that make the pudding even more hooking. Here, you get all sorts of niche porn acted with all vitality there is. The content here is very juicy and recommended for a proper porn disciple for a lifetime. Yes, a lifetime of gratification.



Ten is slick at best and encourages you to keep on scrolling; clicking and even returning every other time you need to crank up your erotic experience. The website has been wonderfully designed with some good aesthetic customizations. I congratulate the webmasters for providing such an appealing and tempting express view, not like we’ve seen among many sites. Even before you become a member, you shall be getting some preliminary satisfaction from the embedded high res images, beautiful themes, and clear fonts. As a member, you get the real deal.

Navigation is just commendable. Menus are clear and the embedded snippets tell the story of the sassy and voluptuous next-door neighbour, who’s been beckoning you to penetrate her. Today she’s all alone and begging. Categories, updates, live cams, hookups and hot deals are vivid. One huge plus is the way you can narrow down in doing a thorough search of a video or model or sub-niche. Every snippet gapes with rating stars beside them, so you know which ones arrested your other porn comrade. The peer sites are given a justice intro before you leap in. Ten has simply nailed it in the presentation.


Girls & Content

Ten has evolved over time from some DVD sale platform to a more scene oriented site, even though you can still access some full porn movies here. The content bank is pretty large and features thousands of individual materials that could keep you warm for lots of winters to come. We appreciate the collection of models that Ten has featured. They come succulent, voluptuous, busty, skinny and in any form and colour. These beauties put out shows that are very hard to ignore. If you think you can stay celibate for the next 3 minutes, then you need to revise that thought. The first orgy ordeal we land on is a BDSM battering of a fastened Jasmine Black by Sammi J through click rubbing. She holds tight to her bulbous bosom while crying foul of the game down south. It is going down rough and unforgivingly. She soon succumbs and violently squirts under the skilful stroking of Sammi.

Meanwhile, Charlie is rock hard after sucking some pussy. With his slightly curved throbbing meathead, he penetrates into this cunt with some serious energy. As we said, this site packs a whopping number of models (1800) and counting. This was no gimmick selection, as each one is good at some unique sex games. So you would be sure to keep an eye on a counter on the website that keeps you up to the time when the next content update shall drop. When it comes to videos, this mammoth site does not disappoint either. With over 2700 videos and counting, you have enough content to run your juice until you dry year in, year out. We call it the ultimate porn membership site, but this comes at a cost.



Ten seems very appealing but you may soon realise the moderators got a little shorthanded in their style. With no videos to pull out and no pictures at all for some offline bodywork mischief, you are stuck with an onsite gratification. However, without sending many punches, we would definitely recommend Ten for the sheer volume of diverse content good for porn lovers. The models are on point and so is the presentation.

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